Doctor Who Series 6

The Rebel Flesh


Leon Vickers  Mark Bonnar  Marshall Lancaster  Raquel Cassidy  Sarah Smart

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Jimmy (Mark Bonnar): You know the drill, people. Acid visors down and locked.

Jennifer Lucas (Sarah Smart): Reading of 9.7.
Jimmy: So it’s a bit low for unrefined. How’s the average?
Jennifer: The acid potency stats have definitely dropped below the mean during the last quarter.
Buzzer (Marshall Lancaster): Prettier then a computer, isn’t she?
Jennifer: Give over, Buzz! {she knocks him into the vat} Buzzer! Buzz.
Jimmy: Great. Nice going, Twinkle Toes.
Jennifer: I shouldn’t have swung at him. Sorry, Buzz. My bad.
Buzzer: No, you’re alright. Jimmy.
Jimmy: Well no point carrying you back legless. Sorry Buzzer. You’re dead.
Buzzer: This is a right pain in the ass. Heart’s gone now.
Jimmy: Well we best get off. Gotta write this one up for the boss. Those suits cost a bomb. I miss my boy’s birthday filling out forms, I’ll kill you again.

Buzzer: Just remember, when you’re doing your report, it wasn’t my fault. She took a swing at me.
Jennifer: I never touched it. You’ve got two left feet, Buzzer.
Buzzer: I haven’t got two left feet. Already arms. Neck. Head. The chin. This body costs money, luv.
Jimmy: Not as much as that acid suit.
Buzzer: Oh lighten up. It’s not like anyone was hurt.

The Doctor: Who wants fish and chips? {Rory raises a finger} I’ll drop you both off. Take your time. Don’t rush!
Rory: Ah. And you?
The Doctor: I have things to do. Things involving other things.
Amy: Well, we’ll stay with you. We’ll do the other things.
The Doctor: Nope.
Amy: Whatever you’re up to, I personally like to be a part of it.

The Doctor: Solar tsunami! Came directly from the earth’s sun. A tidal wave of radiation. A big, big, big—
Rory: Doctor, my tummy’s going funny.
The Doctor: Well the gyrator dislocated. Target tracking is out. Assume the position! {the TARDIS eventually stabilizes} Textbook landing.

The Doctor: Behold! A cockerel. Love a cockerel. And underneath a monastery. Ah, thirteenth century.
Amy: Oh. We’ve gone all mediaeval.
Rory: I’m not sure about that.
Amy: Really? Mediaeval expert, are you?
Rory: No, it’s just that I can hear Dusty Springfield.

The Doctor: These fissure’s are new. The solar tsunami sent out a huge wave of gamma particles. This is caused by a magnetic quake that occurs just before the wave hits.
Amy: Well, the monastery’s standing.
The Doctor checking a snowglobe: Yeah, for now.

The Doctor: It’s a supply pipe. Ceramic inner-lining. Something corrosive. They’re pumping something nasty off this island to the mainland.
Rory: My mom’s a massive fan of Dusty Springfield.
The Doctor: Who isn’t.

Amy: So where are these Dusty Springfield lovin’ monks then?
The Doctor: I think we’re here. This is it.
Rory: Doctor, what are you talking about? We’ve never been here before.
Amy: We came here by accident.
The Doctor: Accident? Yes, I know. Accident.

Rory touches the wall and gets burned.
The Doctor: Acid. They’re pumping acid off this island. That’s old stuff. Fresh acid, you wouldn’t have a finger.

The Doctor: There are people coming. Well, almost.
Amy: Almost coming?
The Doctor: Almost people.

Rory: I think we should really really go.
Amy: Come on!
Rory: I’m telling you, when something runs toward you, it’s never for a nice reason.

Overhead: Halt and remain calm!
The Doctor: Well we’ve halted. How are we all doing on the calm front?

Cleaves (Raquel Cassidy): This is an alpha-grade industrial facility. Unless you work for the military or for Morpeth Jetsan you are in big trouble.
The Doctor: Actually. You’re in big trouble. {he shows her the psychic paper}
Cleaves: Meteorological department? Since when?
The Doctor: Since you were hit by a solar wave.
Cleaves: Which we survived.
The Doctor: Just, by the look of it. And there’s a bigger one on the way.
Cleaves: Which we’ll also survive.

The Doctor: You’re not a monastery, you’re a factory. Twenty-second century army-owned factory.
Amy: They’re army?
Cleaves: No, love. We’re contractors and you’re trespassers.

Cleaves: Alright, Weatherman, your I.D. checks out. If there’s another solar storm, what are you going to do about it? Hand out sun block?
The Doctor: I need to see your critical systems.
Cleaves: Which one?
The Doctor: You know which one.

The Doctor: And there you are.
Cleaves: Meet the government’s worst kept secret. The Flesh. It’s fully programmable matter. In fact it’s even learning to replicate itself. At the cellular level.
Amy: Right. Brilliant. Lost.
Cleaves: Okay. Once a reading’s been taken we can manipulate its molecular structure into anything. Replicate a living organism down to the hairs in its chinny chin chin. Even clothes. And everything’s identical. Eyes, voice—
The Doctor: Mind, soul.
Cleaves: Don’t be fooled, Doctor. It acts like life but it still needs to be controlled by us. From those harnesses you saw.
Rory: Wait. Woah woah woah. Hold it. So you’re Flesh now?
Cleaves: I’m hanging in a harness back in that chamber. We are all except Jennifer here. Don’t be scared. This thing, just like operating a forklift truck.

The Doctor: You said it could grow. Only living things grow.
Cleaves: Moss grows. It’s no more than that. This acid is so dangerous, we were losing a worker every week. So now we mine the acid using these doppelgangers. Or ‘gangers. If these bodies get burned or fall in the acid—
Buzzer: Then who the hell cares. Right, Jen.
Jennifer: Nerve endings automatically cut off. Like airbags being discharged. So we wake up and get a new ‘ganger.
Jimmy: It’s weird. But you get used to it.

The Doctor: Strange. It was like… For a moment there it was scanning me.
Cleaves: Doctor. Get back, Doctor, leave it alone!

The Doctor: Incredible! You have no idea. No idea. I mean I felt it in my mind. I reached out to it. And it to me.
Cleaves: Don’t fiddle with the money, Doctor.
The Doctor: How can you be so blinkered? It’s alive, so alive. You’re planting your lives—your personalities—directly into it.

The Doctor: Well I can see why you keep it in the church. Miracle of life.
Buzzer: No need to get poncey. It’s just gunge.

The Doctor: Did I mention the solar storm? You need to get out of here.
Jimmy: Where do you want us to go? We’re on a tiny island.
The Doctor: Well I can get you all off it.
Cleaves: Don’t be ridiculous, we’ve got a job to do.
The Doctor: It’s coming.
Jennifer: That’s the alarm.
The Doctor: How do you get power?
Cleaves: It’s solar. We use a solar router. The weathervane.
The Doctor: Big problem.
Jimmy: Boss, maybe if the storm’s bad we should get underground. The factory’s seen better days. The acid pipes might not withstand another hit.
Cleaves: We have two hundred tons of acid to pump out. We fall behind, we stay another rotation. Anyone want that?
The Doctor
: Please. You are making a massive mistake here. You’re right at the crossroads of it. Don’t turn the wrong way. If you don’t—if you don’t—prepare for this storm you are all in terrible danger. Understand?
Cleaves: My factory. My rules.

The Doctor: The wave’s disturbing the Earth’s magnetic field. There is going to be the mother and father of all power surges. See this weathervane—the cock-a-doodle-doo? It’s a solar router, feeding the factory with solar power. When that wave hits… kaboom. I’ve got to get to that cockerel before all hell breaks loose. {he stops} I never thought I’d have to say that again. Amy. Breathe.
Amy: Yeah. I mean, thanks. I’ll try.

Rory: For want of a better word, ow.

Cleaves: I’m sorry, Doctor. You were right.
The Doctor: You’ve lost all power to the factory.
Cleaves: Doctor. I abandoned my team.
The Doctor: Then let’s go get them.

The Doctor: How long would you say we were unconscious for, please?
Cleaves: Not long, a minute, two minutes.
The Doctor: I’d hazard we’ve been out a teensy bit longer.
Cleaves: For how long?
The Doctor: An hour. I’ve seen whole worlds turn inside-out in an hour. A lot can go wrong in an hour.

Buzzer: I feel like I’ve been toasted.
Jimmy: What the hell happened?
Amy: The tsunami happened. You hurt?
Jimmy: Well it feels like the National Grid’s run through my bones but apparent from that.
Buzzer: I hope the meter’s not bust. I still want to get paid.

Jennifer: I couldn’t get out of my harness. I thought I was going to die.
Rory: Welcome to my world.

Amy: Doctor, but these are all real people. So where are their ‘gangers?
Cleaves: Don’t worry. When the link shuts down the ‘gangers return to puerile Flesh. Now, the storm’s left us with acid leaks all over so we need to contact the mainland. They can have a rescue shuttle out here in no time.

Jimmy: That’s my record. Who’s playing my record?
The Doctor: Your ‘gangers. They’ve gone walkabout.
Cleaves: No. It’s impossible. They’re not active. Cars don’t fly themselves, cranes don’t lift themselves and ‘gangers don’t…

Jimmy: This is just like the Isle of Sheppey.
The Doctor: It would seem that the storm has animated your ‘gangers.
Cleaves: They’ve ransacked everything.
The Doctor: Not ransacked. Searched.
Cleaves: Through our stuff!
The Doctor: Their stuff.
Jimmy: Searching for what?
The Doctor: Confirmation. They need to know their memories are real.
Buzzer: Oh, so they’ve got flamin’ memories now?
The Doctor: They’ll feel compelled to connect to their lives.
Cleaves: Their stolen lives.
The Doctor: No, bequeathed. You gave them this. You poured in your personalities, emotions, traits, memories, secrets, everything. You gave them your lives. Human lives are amazing. You surprised they walked off with them?
Buzzer: I’ll say it again, Isle of Sheppey. ‘Ganger got an electric shock, toddled off, killed his operator right there in his [office]. I’ve seen the photos. This bloke’s head was all that—
Jimmy: Even if this has actually happened, they can’t remain stable without us plugged into them. Can they, boss?
Cleaves: Guess we’ll find out.

Rory: Are you okay? Do you need some water?
Jennifer: I feel funny. I need the washroom.
Rory: I’ll come with you.

Buzzer: That’s me. It’s good to have a hobby. So.. my ‘ganger did that all on his own?
The Doctor: Who taught you to do this?
Buzzer: My granddad.
The Doctor: Well your ‘gangers granddad taught him to do it too. You both have the same childhood memories. Just as clear, just as real.
Buzzer crushing it: No.
Scared. Disorientated. Struggling to come to terms with an entire life in their heads.

Rory: The Doctor’s always saying, “Don’t wander off.” First rule with him, actually. “Don’t wander off.”

Rory: Everything okay in there?
Ganger Jen coming through the door: Just let us live!

Jimmy: We need to protect ourselves.
The Doctor: Are you a violent man, Jimmy?
Jimmy: No.
The Doctor: Then why would the other Jimmy be?

Cleaves: Tell me you can eat at a time like this, Doctor.
The Doctor: You told me that we were out cold for a few minutes, Cleaves. When in fact it was an hour.
Cleaves: Sorry? I just assumed—
The Doctor: Well it’s not your fault. Like I said, “they’re disorientated.” Amy, when you got to the alcoves who was in harness?
Amy: Um. Jimmy and Dicken were helping Buzzer out.
The Doctor: Jennifer?
Amy: She was standing on her own when we got to her.

The Doctor hands Cleaves the plate.
The Doctor: It’s hot. {she drops it}. Transmatter’s still a little rubbery. Nerve endings are not quite fused properly.
Cleaves: What are you talking about?
The Doctor: It’s okay.
Cleaves: Why didn’t I feel that?
The Doctor: You will. You’ll stabilize.
Cleaves: No. Stop it. You’re playing stupid games. Stop it!
The Doctor: You don’t have to hide. Please. Trust me. I’m the Doctor.

The Doctor: That’s it, good. You remember. This is early Flesh—the early stages of the technology. So much to learn.
Amy: Doctor, what’s happened to her?
The Doctor: She can’t stabilize. She’s shifting between half-formed and full-formed. For now a least.
Ganger Cleaves: We are living!

Amy: Doctor, Rory.
The Doctor: Rory.
Amy: Rory!
The Doctor: Oh Rory. Rory! Always with the Rory!

Amy: Doctor, you said they wouldn’t be violent.
The Doctor: But I did say they were scared. And angry.
Jimmy: And early technology. Is what you said. You seem to know something about the Flesh.
Amy: Do you? Doctor?
Jimmy: You’re no weather man. Why are you really here?
The Doctor: I have to talk to them. I can fix this.

The Doctor: It is too dangerous out here with acid leaks!
Amy: We have to find Rory.
The Doctor: Yes, I’m going back to the TARDIS. Wait for me in the dining hall. I want us to keep together, okay? No more wandering off!
Amy: What about Rory?
The Doctor: Well it will be safer to look for Rory and Jennifer with the TARDIS.

The Doctor: Exit.
Jimmy: Keep going straight, can’t miss it. But you’re never going to get your vehicle in here.
The Doctor: I’m a great parker.

Jimmy: We really need those acid suits. I’ve sent Buzzer and Dicken to get them.
Amy: Fine and dandy. I’m just gonna find my husband so… cheers.
Jimmy: But Amy, I wouldn’t—
Amy: Nor would I. What can you do, eh?

Ganger Jen: When I was a little girl I got lost on the Moors. Wandered off from the picnic. I can still feel how sore my toes got inside my red Wellie boots. And I imagined another little girl, just like me in red Wellies. And she was Jennifer too. Except she was a strong Jennifer. A tough Jennifer. She’d lead me home.

Ganger Jen: My name is Jennifer Lucas. I’m not a factory part. I had toast for my breakfast. I wrote a letter to my mum. And then you arrived. I noticed your eyes right off.
Rory: Did you?
Ganger Jen: Nice eyes. Kind.
Rory: Where’s the real Jennifer?
Ganger Jen: I am Jennifer Lucas. I remember everything that happened in her entire life. Every birthday. Every childhood illness. I feel everything she has ever felt and more. I’m not a monster. I am me! Me! Me! Me! Why did they do this to us? Help me, Rory. Help me.

The Doctor to the buried TARDIS: What are you doing down there?

Dicken (Leon Vickers): Did you see the boss’ eyes back there in the hold?
Buzzer: I’ve never seen a ‘ganger look at me like that.
Dicken: I don’t know what they are now, but they ain’t us.

Ganger Cleaves: We have the advantage now. We have the acid suits. We can move freely. Strike at will.

Rory: Are you sure you’re feeling better? No more super-elastic punches?
Ganger Jen: I’m different now. Stronger.
Rory: The Doctor won’t hurt you. He wants to help, Jennifer. Okay?
Ganger Jen: You used my name. You used my name. Thank you! Amy’s a lucky girl.
Rory: Yeah, she is.

Buzzer: Jen?
Amy: No, it’s a ‘ganger. Rory, listen—
Rory: No, you listen. Nobody touches her!

The Doctor: Hello. How are we all getting on?
Ganger Cleaves: Why don’t you tell us.
The Doctor: Well we have two choices. The first is to tear each other apart—not my favorite. The second is to knuckle down and work together. I’m trying to work out how best we can help you.

The Doctor: Now I know it’s hard for you to hold your fully-human form. That’s why you keep shifting between the Flesh stages. But do try. It’ll make the others less scared of you.

Amy: We don’t really know anything about them yet.
Rory: I know that she’s afraid. And she needs our help.

Jimmy: This is…
Ganger Jimmy: You’re telling me.

Ganger Cleaves: Alright, Doctor. You’ve brought us together. Now what?
The Doctor: Before we do anything, I have one very important question. Has anybody got a pair of shoes I could borrow? Size ten. But I should warn you, I have very wide feet.

Cleaves: That’s it, Doctor. Befriend them. Team up with them why don’t you. Make a football team, how about that? You’re gonna have us all together singing campfire songs.

The Doctor: The Flesh was never merely moss. These are not copies. The storm has hardwired them. They are becoming people.
Jimmy: With souls.
Dicken: Rubbish. {he sneezes}
Ganger Dicken: Bless you.
The Doctor: Well, we were all jelly once. Little jelly eggs, sitting in goo.
Amy: Yeah, thanks. Too much information.
The Doctor: We are not talking about an accident that needs to be mopped up. We are talking about sacred life. Do you understand? Good. Now the TARDIS is trapped in an acid pool. Once I can reach her I can get you all off this island. Humans and ‘gangers. Eh? How does that sound?
Jimmy: I can make it home for Adam’s birthday.
Ganger Jimmy: What about me? He’s my son too.
Jimmy: You? You really think that?
Ganger Jimmy: I feel it.
Jimmy: Oh, so you were there when he was born, were you?
Ganger Jimmy: Yeah. I drank about eight pints of tea. Then they told me I had a wee boy, I just burst out laughing. No idea why. I miss him. As much as you.

The Doctor: Look I’m not going to lie, it’s a right old mess, this. But as you might say up north, “Oh well, I’ll just go to the foot of our stairs.” Eee, by, by gum. Or not. Good. Right. First step is we get everyone together then get everyone safe. Then get everyone out of here.

Cleaves: This circus has gone on long enough!
Ganger Cleaves: Oh great. You see that is just so typically me.
Cleaves: Doctor, tell it to shut up.
The Doctor: Cleaves, no. No! No.
Cleaves: Circuit probe. Fire’s about, oh, thirty thousand volts? Would kill any one of us so I guess she’ll work on ‘gangers just the same.
The Doctor: It’s interesting you refer to them as “it”, but you call a glorified cattle prod a “she”.
Cleaves: When the real people are safely off this island then I’ll happy talk philosophy over a pint with you, Doctor.
Amy: What are you going to do to them?
Cleaves: Sorry. They’re monsters. Mistakes. They have to be destroyed.
The Doctor: Give me the probe, Cleaves.
Ganger Cleaves: We always have to take charge, don’t we Miranda? Even when we don’t really know what the hell is going on.

The Doctor: He’s dead!
Cleaves: We call it decommissioned.
The Doctor: You stopped his heart. He had a heart! Aorta, valves! A real human heart! And you stopped it.

The Doctor: Look at what you’ve done, Cleaves.
Cleaves: If it’s war then it’s war. You don’t get it, Doctor. How can you? It’s us and them now. Us. And them.
Dicken: Us and them.
Jimmy: Us and them.

Ganger Jen: You tried. We all tried and look what they did. Us and them now.
Ganger Jimmy: Us and them.
Ganger Dicken: Us and them.
Ganger Cleaves: Jennifer.
Ganger Jen: Buzzer warned you it was a trick and now he’s dead. If we want to live then it’s time to go to war. I’ll take care of the spare one running around out there.
The Doctor: The most fortified and defendable room in the monastery. Cleaves! The most fortified and defendable room in the monastery?
Cleaves: The chapel.
The Doctor: Thank you.
Cleaves: Only one way in, stone walls two feet thick.
The Doctor: You’ve crossed one hell of a line, Cleaves, you’ve killed one of them. They’re coming back. In a big way.

The Doctor: Rory Pond. {Jen screams in the distance}
Amy: Rory. Come on.
Rory: Jen’s out there. She’s out there and she’s on her own.
The Doctor: Well if she’s got any sense then she’s hiding. Rory!
Rory: I can’t leave her out there.
The Doctor: Rory!
Rory: I know you understand that.
Amy: Get in here. Get in here.

Voice: Why! Why!
The Doctor: Show yourself. Show yourself!

Jimmy laughing: This is insane. We’re fighting ourselves.
The Doctor: Yes, it’s insane. And it’s about to get even more insanerer. Is that a word? Show yourself! Right now!
Amy: Doctor! We are trapped in here and Rory’s out there with them. Hello! We can’t get to the TARDIS and we can’t even leave the island.
The Doctor Ganger: Correctively respect, Pond. It’s frightening. Unexpected. Frankly, a total utter splattering mess on the carpet. But I am certain—one hundred percent certain—that we can work this out. Trust me. I’m the Doctor.