Doctor Who Mickey Smith

Series 4


Noel Clarke

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Journey’s End

Sarah Jane: Mickey!
Mickey: Us Smiths gotta stick together.
Jackie: Jackie Tyler, Roses’ mum. Now where the hell is my daughter?

Jack busting in through the air shaft: Just my luck. I climb through two miles of ventilation shafts chasing life signs on this thing and who do I find? Mickey Mouse!
Mickey: You can talk, Captain Cheesecake. {they hug.}
Jack: Good to see you! And that’s Beefcake.
Mickey: And that’s enough hugging.

Mickey: I’m gonna miss you, more than anyone.
Jackie: Whatcha mean? Doctor’s gonna take us home, isn’t he?
Mickey: Well that’s the point.

The Doctor: Oy! Where you going?
Mickey: Well I’m not stupid. I can work out what happens next. And I had a good time in that parallel world, but my Gran passed away. Nice and peaceful. Spent her last years living in a mansion. There’s nothing there for me now. Certainly not Rose.
The Doctor: What’ll you do?
Mickey: Anything. Brand new life. Just you watch. See ya Boss! running after Jack and Martha. Hey, you two!
Jack: Oh. Thought I got rid of you.