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Series 5


Karen Gillan

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The Eleventh Hour

Amelia Pond: Dear Santa, Thank you for the dolls and pencils and fish. It’s Easter now, so I hope I didn’t wake you. But honest, it is an emergency. There’s a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it’s just an ordinary crack but I know it’s not. Because at night there’s voices. So please, please could you send someone to fix it. Or a policeman… or… {hears the TARDIS crashing in the backyard} Back in a moment. {Looks out the window} Thank you Santa.

The Doctor: Can I have an apple? All I can think about. Apples. I love apples. Maybe I’m having a craving. That’s new. I’ve never had cravings before. Look at that.
Amelia Pond: Are you okay?
The Doctor: Just had a fall. All of the way down there into the library. Hell of a climb back up.
Amelia Pond: You’re soaking wet.
The Doctor: I was in the swimming pool.
Amelia Pond: You said you were in the library.
The Doctor: So’s the swimming pool.
Amelia Pond: Are you a policeman?
The Doctor: Why? Did you call a policeman?
Amelia Pond: Did you come about the crack in my wall?
The Doctor: What cra— he falls
Amelia Pond: Are you all right, Mister?
The Doctor: I’m fine! I’m okay! This is all perfectly normal.
Amelia Pond: Who are you?
The Doctor: I don’t know yet. Still cooking. Does it scare you?
Amelia Pond: It just looks a bit weird.
The Doctor: No no no. The crack in your wall, does it scare you?
Amelia Pond: Yes.
The Doctor: Well then, no time to lose. I’m the Doctor. Do everything I tell you, don’t ask stupid questions, and don’t wander off. turns and smacks into a tree.
Amelia Pond: You alright?
The Doctor: Early days. Steering’s a bit off.

The Doctor: So your aunt. Where’s she?
Amelia: She’s out.
The Doctor: And she left you all alone?
Amelia: I’m not scared.
The Doctor: ‘Course you’re not!
You’re not afraid of anything. Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of the box, man eats fish custard. And look you, just sitting there. So you know what I think.
Amelia: What?
The Doctor: Must be a hell of a scary crack in your wall.

The Doctor: You know when grown-ups tell you everything’s gonna be fine and you think they’re probably lying to make you feel better.
Amelia: Yes.
The Doctor: Everything’s going to be fine.

The Doctor: Give me five minutes. I’ll be right back.
Amelia: People always say that.
The Doctor: Am I people? Do I even look like people. Trust me. I’m the Doctor.

The Doctor: Hang on, no wait—you’re a policewoman.
Amy: And you’re breaking and entering. You see how this works?
The Doctor: But what are you doing here? Where’s Amelia?
Amy: Amelia Pond?
The Doctor: Yeah. Amelia. Little Scottish girl. Where is she? I promised her five minutes, but the engines were phasing. I suppose I must have gone a bit far. Has something happened to her?
Amy: Amelia Pond hasn’t lived here in a long time.
The Doctor: How long?
Amy: Six months.
The Doctor: No! No! No no no. I can’t be six months late. I said five minutes. I promised. What happened to her? What happened to Amelia Pond?

The Doctor: How many rooms?
Amy: I’m sorry, what?
The Doctor: On this floor. How many rooms on this floor? Count them for me now.
Amy: Why?
The Doctor: Because it will change your life.

The Doctor: Oh, what has the bad alien done to you?
Amy: Will that door hold it?
The Doctor: Oh yeah! Yeah, ‘course. It’s an inter-dimensional, multiform from outer space. They’re all terrified of wood.

The Doctor: Run! Just go. Your backup’s coming. I’ll be fine.
Amy: There is no back up.
The Doctor: I heard you on the radio. You called for back up.
Amy: I was pretending. It’s a pretend radio.
The Doctor: But you’re a policewoman.
Amy: I’m a kiss-o-gram!

The Doctor: You’re Amelia!
Amy: You’re late.
The Doctor: Amelia Pond. You’re the little girl.
Amy: I’m Amelia. And you’re late.
The Doctor: What happened?
Amy: Twelve years.
The Doctor: You hit me with a cricket bat.
Amy: Twelve years.
The Doctor: A cricket bat.
Amy: Twelve years and four psychiatrists!

The Doctor: Who’s Amy? You were Amelia.
Amy: Yeah? And now I’m Amy.
The Doctor: Amelia Pond. That was a great name.
Amy: Bit fairy tale.

Amy: It’s you. You came back.
The Doctor: ‘Course I came back. I always come back. Something wrong with that?
Amy: You kept the clothes.
The Doctor: Well I just saved the world. The whole planet for about the millionth time. No charge. Yeah, shoot me. I kept the clothes.
Amy: Including the bow tie.
The Doctor: Yeah, it’s cool. Bow ties are cool.
Amy: Are you from another planet?
The Doctor: Yeah.
Amy: ‘Kay.
The Doctor: So what do you think?
Amy: What?
The Doctor: Other planets. Wanna check some out?
Amy: What does that mean?
The Doctor: It means, well. It means, come with me.
Amy: Where?
The Doctor: Wherever you like.
Amy: All that stuff that happened—the hospital, the spaceships, Prisoner Zero—
The Doctor: Oh, don’t worry. That’s just the beginning. There’s loads more.
Amy: Yeah but those things. Those amazing things—all that stuff… That was two years ago!
The Doctor: Ooo! … Oops. So that’s—
Amy: Fourteen years!
The Doctor: Fourteen years since fish custard. Amy Pond, the Girl Who Waited. You’ve waited long enough.
Amy: When I was a kid you said there was a library. And a swimming pool. And the swimming pool was in the library.
The Doctor: Yeah. Not sure where it’s got to now. It’ll turn up. So: coming?
Amy: No.
The Doctor: You wanted to come fourteen years ago.
Amy: I grew up.
The Doctor: Don’t worry. I’ll soon fix that. snaps his fingers and opens the TARDIS door.

The Doctor: All these years, living here most of your life and you’ve still got that accent. Yeah, you’re coming.
Amy: Can you get me back for tomorrow morning?
The Doctor: It’s a time machine. I can get you back for five minutes ago. Why, what’s tomorrow?
Amy: Nothing. Nothing. Just, you know, stuff.
The Doctor: Alright then. Back in time for stuff.

Amy: I was starting to think you were just, like, a mad man with a box.
The Doctor: Amy Pond, there’s something you better understand about me ’cause it’s important. And one day your life may depend on it. I am definitely a mad man with a box.

The Beast Below

Amy: My name is Amy Pond. When I was seven I had an imaginary friend. Last night was the night before my wedding. My imaginary friend came back.

Amy: I’m in the future. Like hundreds of years in the future. I’ve been dead for centuries.
The Doctor: Oh… lovely. You’re a cheery one. Never mind dead! Look at this place. Isn’t it wrong?

Mandy: You sound Scottish.
Amy: I am Scottish. What’s wrong with that? Scotland’s gotta be here somewhere.
Mandy: No. They wanted their own ship.
Amy: Good for them. Nothing changes.

Mandy: How do you not know about this? Are you Scottish too?
The Doctor: Oh, I’m way worse than the Scottish. I can’t even see the movie. Won’t play for me.
Amy: Played for me.
The Doctor: Well the difference being the computer doesn’t accept me as human.
Amy: Why not? You look human.
The Doctor: No. You look Time Lord. We came first.

Amy: I voted for this. Why would I do that?
The Doctor: ‘Cause you knew if we stayed here I’d be faced with an impossible choice. Humanity or the alien. You took it upon yourself to save me from that. And that was wrong, You don’t ever decide what I need to know.
Amy: I don’t even remember doing it.
The Doctor: You did it. That’s what counts.
Amy: I’m… I’m sorry.
The Doctor: Oh I don’t care. When I’m done here you’re going home.
Amy: Why? Because I made a mistake? One mistake. I don’t even remember doing it! Doctor!
The Doctor: Yeah. I know. You’re only human.
Liz Ten: What are you doing?
The Doctor: The worst thing I ever do. I’m going to pass a massive electrical charge through the Star Whale’s brain. It should knock over his high functions. Leave it a vegetable. The ship will still fly but the whale won’t feed it.
Amy: That will be like killing it.

The Doctor: Amy, what have you done!
Amy: Nothing at all. Am I right?
Winder: We’ve increased speed!
Amy: Yeah, we’ll you’ve stopped torturing the pilot. Gotta help.

Amy: The Star Whale didn’t come like a miracle all those years ago. It volunteered. You didn’t have to trap it or torture it. That was all just you. It came because it couldn’t stand to watch your children cry. What if you were really old and really kind and alone—your whole race dead, no future. What could you do then? If you were that old and that kind, and the very last of your kind, you couldn’t just stand there and watch children cry.

The Doctor: Amy, you could have killed everyone on this ship.
Amy: And you could have killed a Star Whale.

Amy: Hey.
The Doctor: What?
Amy: Gotcha.

Amy: Shouldn’t we say goodbye? Won’t they wonder where we went?
The Doctor: For the rest of their lives. Oh the songs they’ll write. Never mind them. Big day tomorrow.
Amy: Sorry, what?
The Doctor: Well it’s always a big day tomorrow. We’ve got a time machine. I skip the little ones.
Amy: You know what I said about getting back tomorrow morning? Have you ever run away from something because you were scared. Or not ready. Or just… just because you could?
The Doctor: Once. A long time ago.
Amy: What happened?
The Doctor: Hello.

Amy: In bed above or deep asleep. While greater love lies further deep. This dream must end, this world must know. We all depend on the beast below.

Victory of the Daleks

The Doctor: Amy tell him.
Amy: Tell him what?
The Doctor: About the Daleks.
Amy: What do I know about the Daleks?
The Doctor: Everything. They invaded your world, remember? Planets in the sky. You don’t forget that. Amy. Tell me you remember the Daleks.
Amy: Nope. Sorry.
The Doctor: That’s not possible.

Amy: So what do you we do? Is this what we do now, chase after them?
The Doctor: This is what I do, yeah. And it’s dangerous so you wait here.
Amy: What, so you mean I’ve gotta stay down here in the middle of the London Blitz?
The Doctor: Safe as it gets around me.

Amy: Well what does he expect us to do now?
Churchill: KBO, of course!
Amy: What?
Churchill: “Keep Buggering On.”

Churchill: Goodbye Miss Pond.
Amy: It’s been amazing meeting you.
Churchill: I’m sure it has.

Amy: So you have enemies then.
The Doctor: Everyone’s got enemies.
Amy: Yeah but mine’s outside Budgens with the mental Jack Russell. You’ve got, you know, like archenemies.

Amy: You’re worried about the Daleks.
The Doctor: I’m always worried about the Daleks.

The Time of Angels

Amy: You’ve got a time machine. What do you need museums for?
The Doctor: Wrong! Very wrong. Oo! One of mine. Also one of mine.
Amy: Oh I see. It’s how you keep score.

The Doctor: You’re still here. Which part of “wait in the TARDIS until I tell you it’s safe” was so confusing?
Amy: Are you all Mr. Grumpy Face today?
The Doctor: A Weeping Angel, Amy, is the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life form evolution has ever produced and right now one of them is trapped inside that wreckage, and I’m supposed to climb in after it with a screwdriver and a torch and—assuming I survive the radiation long enough and assuming the whole ship doesn’t explode in my face—do something incredibly clever which I haven’t actually thought up yet. That’s my day. That’s what I’m up to. Any questions?
Amy: Is River Song your wife? ‘Cause she’s someone from your future. And the way she talks to you, I’ve never seen anyone do that. She’s kind of like, you know, “Heel boy.” She’s Mrs. Doctor from the future, isn’t she? Is she going to be your wife one day?
The Doctor: Yes. {pause.} You’re right. I am definitely Mr. Grumpy Face today.

River: Yes we are.
The Doctor: Sorry, what?
River: Talking about you.
The Doctor: I wasn’t listening. I’m busy.
River: Ah. The other way up. {The Doctor looks at the device and then turns it the right way up}
The Doctor: Yeah.
Amy: You’re so his wife.
River: Oh Amy Amy Amy. This is The Doctor we’re talking about. Do you really think it could be anything that simple?

The Doctor: Lovely species, the Aplans. We should visit them sometime.
Amy: I thought they were all dead.
The Doctor: So is Virginia Woolf. I’m on her bowling team.

The Doctor: Trust me?
Amy: Yeah.
The Doctor: Trust me?
River: Always.

Flesh and Stone

Amy: Where are we?
River: Exactly where we were.
Amy: No we’re not.

The Doctor: Move your feet.
Amy: Doctor, what am I looking at? Explain.
The Doctor: Oh c’mon, Amy. Think! The ship crashed with the power still on, yeah? So what else is still on? The artificial gravity. One good jump and up we fell. Shot out the grav globe to give us an updraft and here we are!

Amy: Okay, so we’ve basically run up the inside of a chimney, yeah? So what if the gravity fails?
The Doctor: I’ve thought about that.
Amy: And?
The Doctor: And we’ll all plunge to our deaths. See? I’ve thought about it.

Amy: Doctor, please, can’t I come with you?
Octavian: You’d slow us down, Miss Pond.
Amy: Don’t wanna sound selfish, but you’d really speed me up.

The Doctor: Amy. You need to start trusting me. It’s never been more important.
Amy: But you don’t always tell me the truth.
The Doctor: If I always told you the truth I wouldn’t need you to trust me.
Amy: Doctor, the crack in my wall. How can it be here?
The Doctor: I don’t know yet but I’m working it out.

The Doctor: Now. Listen. Remember what I told you when you were seven.
Amy: What did you tell me?
The Doctor: No. See that’s the whole point. You have to remember. {he kisses her forehead}

Amy: If you go back there, what happened to the others will happen to you.
Cleric: There weren’t any others!
Amy: There won’t be any you if you go back there.

Amy: And the crack, is that gone too?
The Doctor: Yeah. For now. But the explosion that caused it is… still happening. Somewhere out there. Somewhere in time.

Amy: I wanna go home.
The Doctor: Okay.
Amy: No, not like that. I just want to show you something. You’re running from River. I’m running too.

The Doctor: Well.
Amy: Yeah.
The Doctor: Blimey.
Amy: I know. This is the same night we left, yeah?
The Doctor: We’ve been gone five minutes.

The Doctor: Amy, listen to me. I am 907 years old. Do you understand what that means?
Amy: It’s been awhile?

The Doctor: But you’re human. You’re Amy. You’re getting married in the morning. In the morning…
Amy: Doctor?
The Doctor: It’s you. It’s all about you. Everything. It’s about you.
Amy: Hold that thought.
The Doctor: Amy Pond. Mad, impossible Amy Pond. I don’t know why — I have no idea—but quite possibly the single most important thing in the history of the universe is that I get you sorted out right now.

Vampires of Venice

Rory: And what have you been doing?
Amy: Well… running. And fighting. I’ve been scared. More scared than I thought—
Rory: Did you miss me?
Amy: I… I knew I’d be coming back.
Rory: He was right. It blots out everything else.
Amy: Rory, it’s our date. Let’s not do this.

Rosanna: Who are you with? See, I scarcely believe your idiot brother sent you. What are you doing in my school?
Amy: Okay. I’ll tell you. I’m from Ofsted.

Amy’s Choice

The Doctor: You’ve swallowed a planet.
Amy: I’m pregnant.
The Doctor: You’re huge.
Amy: Yeah, I’m pregnant.
The Doctor: Look at you! When world’s collide.
Amy: Doctor, I’m pregnant.
The Doctor: Oh, look at you both! Five years later and you haven’t changed a bit. Apart from age and… size.
Amy: Oh it’s good to see you Doctor.
The Doctor: Are you pregnant?

The Doctor: Well I wanted to see how you were. You know me, I don’t just abandon people when they leave the TARDIS. This Time Lord’s for life. You don’t get rid of your old pal the Doctor so easily.
Amy: You came here by mistake, didn’t you.
The Doctor: Yeah. Bit of a mistake. But look, what a result. Look at this. Bench. What a nice bench. What will they think of next. So… what do you do around here to stave off the, you know, self-harm?
Amy: Boredom?
Rory: We relax. We live. We listen to the birds.
Amy: Yeah, see! Birds.

The Doctor: Are you okay? Oh thank god! I had a terrible nightmare about you two. That was scary. Don’t ask. You don’t want to know. Safe now. That’s what counts. Blimey. Never dropped off like that before. Well. Never really. I’m getting on a bit you see. Don’t let the cool gear fool you. Now. What’s wrong with the console. Red flashing lights. I bet they mean something.
Rory: Uh. Doctor, I also had a kind of… dream thing.
Amy: Yeah, so did I.
Rory: Not a nightmare though. Just, um, we were married.
Amy: Yeah. In a little village.
Rory: Yeah, sweet little village. And you were pregnant.
Amy: Yes, I was huge. I was a boat.
Rory: So you had the same dream then? Exactly the same dream?
Amy: Are you calling me a boat?
Rory: And Doctor you were visiting.
Amy: Yeah! Yeah, you came to our cottage.
Rory: How can we have had exactly the same dream. It doesn’t make any sense.
Amy: And you had a nightmare about us. What happened to us in the nightmare?
The Doctor: It was a bit similar in some aspects.
Rory: Which aspects?
The Doctor: Well, all of them.
Amy: You had the same dream.
The Doctor: Basically.
Rory: You said it was a nightmare.
The Doctor: Did I say nightmare? No. More of a really good… mare.

Rory: Doctor, what is going on?
Amy: Is this because of you? Is this some Time Lord-y thing because you’ve shown up again?
The Doctor: Listen to me. Trust nothing. From now on trust nothing you see, hear or feel.
Rory: But we’re awake now.
The Doctor: Yeah, you thought you were awake in the TARDIS too.
Amy: But we’re home.
The Doctor: Yeah you’re home, you’re also dreaming. Trouble is, Rory, Amy, which is which? Are we flashing forwards or… backwards. Hold on tight. This is going to be a tricky one.

The Doctor: Oh this is bad! I don’t like this! {kicks the console}. Never use force! You just embarrass yourself. Unless you’re cross. In which case, always use force!
Amy: Shall I run and get the manual?
The Doctor: I threw it in a supernova.
Amy: You threw the manual in a supernova? Why?
The Doctor: Because I disagreed with it! Stop talking to me when I’m cross.

The Doctor: You said everyone here lives to their 90s. That’s the one thing that doesn’t make sense. Let’s go poke it with a stick. {He runs off and Rory follows}.
Amy: Can we not do the running thing?

Dream Lord: Oh Amy. You have to sort your men out. Choose, even.
Amy: I have chosen. Of course, I’ve chosen. It’s you, stupid!
Rory: Oh! Good. Thanks.
Dream Lord: You can’t fool me. I’ve seen your dreams. Some of them twice, Amy. Blimey. I’d blush if I had a blood supply. Or a real face.

The Doctor: Now. We all know there’s an elephant in the room.
Amy: I have to be this size, I’m having a baby.
The Doctor: No. No. The hormones seem real, but no.

Rory: I want the other life. I mean we were happy and settled and… about have a baby.
Amy: But don’t you wonder, if that life is real, then why did we give up all this? Why would anyone.
Rory: Because we’re going to freeze to death.

Amy: Doctor, what are you doing? What are those piles of dust?
The Doctor: Playtime’s definitely over.

Amy: Okay, which world do you think is real?
The Doctor: This world.
Rory: No! The other one!
The Doctor: Yeah, but are we disagreeing or competing?
Amy: Competing? Over what?

Amy: My boys. My Poncho Boys. If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

Dream Lord: Poor Amy. He always leaves you, doesn’t he? Alone in the dark. Never apologizes.
Amy: He doesn’t have to.
Dream Lord: That’s good. Because he never will. And now he’s left you with me. Spooky old not-to-be-trusted me. Anything could happen.
Amy: Who are you and what do you want? The Doctor knows you, but he’s not telling me who you are. And he always does. Takes him awhile sometimes but he tells me. So you’re something different.
Dream Lord: Oh, is that who you think you are? The one he trusts?
Amy: Actually, yes.
Dream Lord: The only girl in the Universe to whom the Doctor tells everything.
Amy: Yes.
Dream Lord: So what’s his name?

Amy: I think the baby’s starting.
Rory: Honestly?
Amy: Would I make it up at a time like this?!
Rory: Well you do have a history of… {she eyes him} being very lovely.

Amy: Save him. You save everyone. You always do. That’s what you do.
The Doctor: Not always. I’m sorry.
Amy: Then what is the point of you?

Amy: This is the dream. Definitely this one. If we die here we wake up, yeah?
The Doctor: Unless we just die.
Amy: Either way, this is my only chance of seeing him again. This is the dream.
The Doctor: How do you know?
Amy: Because if this is real I don’t want it. I don’t want it.

The Doctor: You’re very sure? This could be the real world.
Amy: It can’t. Rory isn’t here. I didn’t know. I honestly didn’t until right now. I just want him.
The Doctor: Okay.

Amy: I love Rory and I never told him. And now he’s gone.