Being Human John Mitchell

Series 3


Aidan Turner

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Episode 1 : Lia

Blodwen: So it’s the three of you, is it?
Mitchell: A friend will be joining us.
George: Well that’s… Yeah, we hope so. It’s not definite.
Mitchell: No no. She should be here pretty soon. I don’t know what’s taking her so long.

Mitchell: Annie was there. She was on the screen.
George: What, you’re kidding.
Nina: Is she okay? What did she say?
Mitchell: We’re running out of time.

Mitchell barging in: Have you got a radio?
George: What?
Mitchell: I need a radio. I have an idea. {he dives across the bed}
George: Mitchell. We don— Ow! Mitchell— What are you doing?
Mitchell barging out: Cheers!

Mitchell: I don’t care about the consequences. She’s our friend and we lost her.
George: And I don’t want to lose you as well!
Mitchell: I’m doing this. I’ll take everything they’ve got. Death, God, the Devil. None of it frightens me.
George: Right. Well, I feel totally reassured.

Mitchell: What’s that you’re doing?
George: It’s a prayer. It’s Jewish.
Mitchell: Yeah. I’m not great with religious rituals.
George: Aw… Tough.
Mitchell: Is he even Jewish?
George: It doesn’t matter. His body’s let him down, medicine’s let him down. It’s a gesture of sympathy.
Mitchell: I’m trying to get in the zone here.
George: Yeah, may I refer to my earlier statement of: “Tough.” {he goes back to the prayer… briefly} I can’t remember the rest.

Mitchell: Five letters. Something-A-something-something-something. The clue is just the letters H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O.
George: Mitchell! {he indicates the dying man.} The answer’s water. Yes, it’s the letters. H to O. H2O. It’s the molecular formula for water.
Mitchell: Get it!
George: Okay, give me another one.

Sean: That’s me. Shit, I look awful.
Mitchell: Sean, isn’t it? Sean, you’ve been very ill. I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid you’ve just died.
Sean: What happens now?
Mitchell: You’re going on a journey. No, it’s okay! It’s cool. I’m coming with you.
Sean: Are you… Death?
Mitchell: No. T— No, I’m not Death.

Mitchell: None of this is your fault. Anything that happened would have happened a lot sooner, and a lot worse, if I hadn’t have met you.
George: Just come back.

Mitchell: Do you know who I am, Lia?
Lia: Well I know you’re a vampire. Can I say that, or are you funny about the word? ‘Cause I’ve got this cousin who’s in a wheelchair and I called him disabled once, he ran over my foot.
Mitchell: What else?
Lia: Just that you’re… really hot.
Mitchell: Have we met before?
Lia: H-twelve.
Mitchell: “H Twelve.” What does that mean?
Lia: It’s a riddle. I love riddles, don’t you?

Mitchell: So this is purgatory? I remember this.
Lia: Well strictly speaking, it’s your purgatory. You know we’ve all got a corridor filled with all the good things and the bad and … well, you’ve been busy.

Mitchell: Why are we here?
Lia: I don’t even know where here is.
Mitchell: France. July 17, 1917.
Lia: Who’s the guy?
Mitchell: Corporal Arthur Hanley. Don’t drink that.
Lia: I wasn’t going to.
Mitchell: It’s poisoned.
Lia: I wasn’t going to. Poisoned.
Mitchell: I didn’t want him to feel any pain.

Mitchell: Look, Annie isn’t here. This is a waste of time.
Lia: Well we must be here for a reason. Maybe we’re meant to find a clue or something. Who was he? Mitchell! Tell me about the guy.
Mitchell: He was my first. I was recruited by the vampires about four weeks earlier. But I ran away. Found my regiment again. I didn’t want to believe what had happened to me. But then the hunger came. I’d steal from the medical supplies—a little bit everyday—when I had enough, I slipped it into his tea.

Lia: Where are you now?
Mitchell: Running away. That’s my captain. He thought I was deserting them, but I was running to find Herrick. I was one of them now.
Lia: How did it make you feel?
Mitchell: How do you think? I killed my friend. The shame of that. The horror knowing what I was now.

Lia: Arthur wasn’t the only victim, was he?
Mitchell: I don’t understand.
Lia: You! You numpty! You’re the other victim! You had your humanity ripped away from you.
Mitchell: Right. Yeah yeah yeah.
Lia: What did you think I meant?
Mitchell: Nothing. I knew what you meant.
Lia: Actually. I’m the victim. A minute ago you were in here wearing a uniform and I missed it.
Mitchell: Will you stop!

Mitchell: Oh god.
Lia: Where are we now?
Mitchell: Sheffield. December 24, 1960. This is ridiculous. We’re supposed to be finding Annie.
Lia: Well maybe she’s hiding. Yoo hoo! Annie!
Mitchell: Don’t go around there.
Lia: Oh. Guess you ran out of poison. What was her name?
Mitchell: Sally. We met in a pub, came back here… We got pretty drunk. It was quite chaotic.

Mitchell: Why are you bringing me to these places? To punish me, is that it?
Lia: You chose the door. Next time pick one where you’re building an orphanage on the other side.
Mitchell: It’s a compulsion. It was a compulsion. I am not that man anymore.
Lia: Brilliant! Then there should be nothing stopping you from getting Annie back.
Annie: Mitchell! Mitchell, please! Mitchell, help. Oh my goodness.
Mitchell: Tell me where she is.
Lia: You know what to do.
Mitchell: What are you— ? Of course I don’t!
Lia: What happens next is your choice.

Lia: I’ve got to say, I was kind of hurt that you didn’t recognize me. Given you remembered so much about the other two. Guess you were a bit preoccupied that night.
Mitchell: Yeah. I’m sorry.
Lia: What, I didn’t catch that.
Mitchell: I’m sorry.
Lia: Oh, you’re sorry.
Mitchell: I couldn’t help it. I was angry and the hunger just…
Lia: Yeah yeah. No control. It’s a compulsion. Blah blah blah.

Mitchell: Please. Please stop. I don’t know what I can say.
Lia: Don’t say anything. Because every word that comes out of your mouth is a fucking excuse. It’s misdirection.
Mitchell: I’m not trying to trick you.
Lia: Not us. You’re lying to yourself.
Mitchell: But I’m trying to change.
Lia: How’s that working out for you?

Mitchell: I’m not—
Lia: You’re not what?
Mitchell: I’m not a victim.
Lia: So you’re what? What? Misunderstood?!
Mitchell: I’m an animal! I don’t deserve mercy or forgiveness! I’m a murderer. I couldn’t help myself. I loved it. The sensation. The power. I was dead but I never felt so alive. I wasn’t human anymore. I lost my conscience. I was free. And that’s what I was addicted to. I hacked my way through the world. I left a trail of blood a thousand miles long. And I loved it. I’m a disease. I’m a plague. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Lia: Budge up. {he scoots over} You can have Annie back. But there’s a price.
Mitchell: I’ll stay. I want you to take me to all my victims. I want to feel it. I want to suffer. I don’t want to hide anymore. I just want her back.
Lia: It’s not that simple. The time and cause of your death have already been set. But there are things that need to happen first. You see, you’re the final piece in someone else’s story. And they need to complete their journey and in order to do that… they have to kill you.
Mitchell: What?
Lia: You’re gonna be killed by a werewolf. A wolf-shaped bullet. Bang!
Mitchell: Who?
Lia: We’ll see you soon, Mitchell.
Mitchell: You’re letting me go?
Lia: Well, as punishments go it’s pretty cruel and interesting. Isn’t it?

Annie: You saved me.
Mitchell: You saved me too.
Annie: What happened? Did you— Was there like, I don’t know, some kind of trade off?
Mitchell: Nothing. There was nothing. Mind games, that’s all. I don’t believe a word of it.

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Episode 2 : Adam’s Family

Mitchell: Heya! I didn’t drag you back from that place to make me breakfast, Annie.
Annie: No. But, I do think I was brought back for a reason.
Mitchell: I missed you…. We missed you. Every, every— We all missed you.

Annie: Just keep telling yourself, “I got this job!”
Mitchell: I turned up. I have got this job.
Annie: Ah, the banks have crunched. Do not get cocky.
Mitchell: Thank you. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence.

Annie: Tell her how much you enjoy the work.
Mitchell: Oh, this is… ah…
Annie: That you were inspired by Florence Nightingale to bring cleanliness to the wards.
Mitchell: Oh, god—
Annie: Don’t say God, she might be religious.
Mitchell: Shit!
Annie: God is better.
Mitchell: It isn’t a complicated job! I’ve done it before, I can do it again. What more is there to say?! Oh.
Nita Mawulawde: I don’t think there’s anything more to say.

Richard: You’re a worryingly easy man to find. I assumed you’d be keeping a low profile and then suddenly your name pops up on a job application. Bad move, that. Sloppy.
Mitchell: Who are you?
Richard: Richard Hargraves. {he hands him his business card for Cwality Carpets}
Mitchell: Alright, so all of this cloak-and-dagger stuff is to sell me a rug, is it?
Richard: Sarcasm. How unsurprising. I’m here on behalf of the Old Ones. The, ah, the vampire elite. They’ve entrusted me as their agent.
Mitchell: Get out! Is it true how live? {…} Avoiding sunlight and sleeping in coffins and that?

Mitchell: Wait, wait a second! I’m not an Old One. I’m a hundred and seventeen.
Richard: You are the most wanted man in the country. Hardly the time to quibble about your age.

Mitchell: You know there’s nothing funnier than a vampire taking a moral high ground. Underneath the driving gloves and the business cards we’re all the same, brother.
Richard: Woah. Let me make this clear to you, we are not the same. I am not a servant to my condition. I have systems in place that allow me to feed without this carnage. You are weak. You are craven. And your pathetic tantrums threaten us all. {He hands him the papers.}
Mitchell: This is not me accepting.

Mitchell: The kid’s still feeding. Staying clean for me is a day-by-day… no, no! A minute-by-minute thing. How am I going to manage if he’s all, “Let’s go out on the razz, find some women, drink them dry.”?
George: I’m sure he’d never…. No, actually, that does sound quite like him.
Mitchell: Yeah. And that’s why I want him gone.
George: You could be his role model. Teach him how to beat it.
Mitchell: No no. No. You’ve picked the wrong man.
George: I don’t think so.

Adam: I’ve never met anyone like me before. Apart from the first time and that was mostly fighting him off. Badly. Please. No one’s ever taught me to do this.
Mitchell: Adam, here’s the thing, right? I don’t care.

Annie: Mitchell, you’re not a quitter. It says so here in this reference that I wrote. Check this out. “John Mitchell is the finest employee I ever had. He is loyal and dependable and valued by all his coworkers. I recall he did not give the best interview. But I put that down to nerves.”
Mitchell: So, what? I make a habit of screwing up interviews now?

Adam: Mitchell, you understand this. You know what I’m going through.
Mitchell: I do.
Adam: So why won’t you help me?
Mitchell: Okay, you know what? There is another option. It might just be the answer. {he hands Annie Richard’s card}
Annie: We recarpet?

Mitchell: Annie, I didn’t fetch you back here to do anything. Just, just be here.
Annie: Yeah, with you.
Mitchell: Yeah. And George and Nina.
Annie: Yeah but now that I am here—
Mitchell: We can look after ourselves.
Annie: You’d be lost without me!
Mitchell: And how would you be without us, huh? You can’t base your life on what you give to other people. ‘Cause well, we might not always be here.
Annie: Where would you go? I mean you wouldn’t go to that foul place and get me back and then just, like, abandon me.
Mitchell: Things change.
Annie: In a day?
Mitchell: Sometimes.

Annie: But I’m your guardian angel.
Mitchell: Ah, stop it, Annie. Stop defining yourself by what you do for other people. Get a—
Annie: A life? Bit late for that.

Mitchell: What’s he doing back here?
George: You know how to make someone feel welcome.
Nina: Look, you didn’t see how those people live, Mitchell. It was grubby, desperate. We couldn’t leave him there.
Mitchell: Nah, of course you couldn’t.
George: Meaning?
Mitchell: It’s not who you are. When someone needs help, you give it.

Adam: I mean the craving will come back though. So how do I fight it?
Mitchell: You surround yourself with good people. That’s what you do. Find someone better than you. ‘Cause then when you fail, you have to deal with their disappointment. And that’s what keeps you true.

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Episode 3 : Type 4

Mitchell: I think Annie might fancy me.
George: Finally.
Mitchell: You knew?
George: Oh, Mitchell, Annie is many things but subtle she is not. You’ve rescued her from Hell. That kind of thing tends to turn a girl’s head.
Mitchell: How long have you known?
George: I don’t know, a couple of weeks. Pretty much since she came back. And for future reference, no one says “fancy” anymore.
Mitchell: And you didn’t think to tell me?
George: Um… nope. Because I’m not twelve. Did you— Did you seriously not pick up on any of this? That whole… guardian angel business?
Mitchell: Okay, so she hasn’t actually told you.
George: Oh wow. We are twelve, aren’t we. No, she hasn’t told me she “fancies” you. She doesn’t need to. Her body language is deafening.
Mitchell: Jesus. What a mess.

George: But who knows, you, um, you two could be good for each other.
Mitchell: She could be good for me, but…
George: And you’ll be good to her.
Mitchell: Of course. I’d never…
George: Mitchell, if you’re thinking about doing this don’t go into it lightly. This is not a little thing. This is Annie we’re talking about.
Mitchell: George, you gotta know I would never hurt her.
George: Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I was just… So are you going to ask her out? {he giggles.} This could be so cool!
Mitchell: I don’t know, I mean how would it even work? With a ghost?
George: What do you mean? {Mitchell attempts to explain with a subtle gesture}

Mitchell: So she’s dead, but she’s got a body?
George: Which is rotting.
Mitchell: This is not good.
Annie: That’s why I was so scared. If she was just dead dead, no problem. But that is just weird.
Mitchell: No no, hold on. Hold on a second here. I think she’s gone.

Mitchell: There’s a car slowing down. I think people can see her.
Annie: Well of course people can see her. She’s got a body!
Mitchell: Well we’ve gotta let her in.
George and Annie: What?
Mitchell: We have a shouting, pissed corpse on our doorstep!
George: Right. And you want a shouting, pissed corpse inside?
Mitchell: She’s gonna draw attention to the house, Annie. To us. What if somebody calls the police, huh?

Mitchell: So what do we call you?
Sasha: Anything you like, sweetheart. {Annie yanks her hair with the flatiron}.
Annie: Oh! Oh, sorry. Look, you got caught there. Caught a bit of your hair, sorry.
Sasha: Don’t worry, babe. I can tell you’re not used to a beauty regime.

Mitchell: Well, um, I’m Mitchell.
Sasha: Hi Mitchell! I’m Sasha. Like the Beyoncé album.

Nina: Well I think someone’s in denial.
George: How could she not know she’s dead?
Mitchell: Solves one mystery anyway. The mortuary’s suddenly been off limits.
George: No, that was a chemical leak. Or they were hiding a zombie.

George: Well at least she’s not attacking us. Don’t they usually attack people?
Mitchell: No. They don’t “usually” do anything because they don’t usually exist.
George: What about eating brains?
Mitchell: I don’t know the rules. I just know that she can be seen and she’s rotten.
George: Mm hm. I can vouch for that. Do you think she’ll just continue rotting until she’s not, you know, soupy?

Annie: So, um, how are we going to convince her to go back to the hospital?
Mitchell: We’re not. Not yet.
Annie: What? Why?
Mitchell: Check out the time and date of her death. Let’s pay a visit to the morgue.

Annie: Is that blood?
Mitchell: Oh… that can’t be good.

Mitchell: I don’t think it was just Sasha. There’s four subject sheets here. All came back to life, all at the same time. I think they were testing them. Trying to find out what they were, how they worked, if it could spread. I think they were scared.
Annie: I know the feeling. Did it say anything about anesthetic in there?
Mitchell: Yeah. “Anesthetic ineffective.” How did you know?
Annie: They did it anyway. What did they do with them afterwards?

Graham: Funny, somehow I thought you’d be taller. I mean, close up like.
Mitchell: Sorry, do I know you?
Graham: Oh, no. No no. God no, no it’s just that… well, um, it’s just that I’m like you.
Mitchell: Okay, easy, easy. So you’re a vampire.
Graham: Yeah. I am a Brother of the Blood. Name’s Graham. Well, Graham was my mortal name. But when I was reborn to the night I took the name Obsidian. Graham’s fine. Obsidian, I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s a shit name.
Mitchell: Yeah. Um. Alright, Graham. I’m kind of busy right now, so can I help you with anything?
Graham: Oh, I feel a little bit embarrassed now, but I am a bit of a fan boy. Well, you could say “fang boy”.
Mitchell: Yeah yeah yeah. I get it.
Graham: And I was a massive Neil Diamond fan. Do you know Neil Diamond? No, doesn’t matter. But that kind of gave me the idea. So now I’m on a sort of pilgrimage, you know, like a star tour? And I’m visiting all the legends in our little world so naturally—
Mitchell: You came to see me.
Graham: Oh my god, I mean, you are up there with the greats. I mean what you did in Bristol was just…
Mitchell: Remind me. Again.
Graham: Oh no, wait. You don’t need to be modest. You got a whole chapter of vampires to renounce blood. Amazing.

George: Mitchell, wake up. She’s still here.
Mitchell: Who?
George: Who? Who do you think? Um, she’s a little bit mouthy, a little bit dead.
Mitchell: There’ve been developments.
George: Developments?

Mitchell: We owe her, George.
George: We owe her? Why do we owe her?
Mitchell: She came back to life two weeks ago. All of them did, when I was on the other side.
Annie: Saving me.
Nina: So. Hang on, what are we saying? That Death’s Door was engaged?
Annie: Her spirit couldn’t pass over because of me.
Mitchell: We made her. We owe her, all of us do.

Annie: Graham was just telling me about the time you went skiing.
Mitchell: Funny. I don’t remember that. At all.

Mitchell: You are in my home. With my friends. That is a big no no.
Graham: They could be my friends too.
Mitchell: No, they couldn’t!
Graham: And you’ve got a spare room, I could move in. Be nice to have Annie just down the corridor.
Mitchell: Don’t you even think about it.
Graham: That girl, she’s really holding a torch for you. And I’m thinking she doesn’t know, does she? About his greatest work. About all those people he ripped apart in that train. The Box Tunnel 20. And I think she needs to know. I think she needs to know about the real Mitchell. See how she feels about him then. Or we could maybe, just maybe, forget about the whole thing. Sit down, watch a bit of Wipeout, have a biscuit. I think that’d be for the best, don’t you?

George: Mitchell. Should we get pissed?
Mitchell: You. Are a genius, George.

Mitchell: They should be back by now.
George: They’re all adults. And two of them are dead. I think they’ve already seen the worst life has to throw at them. If you’re worried, call Nina’s mobile.
Mitchell: I’m not worried.
George: Mitchell. It’s okay to care.

Mitchell: It’s over. We are done here.
Graham: What are you doing? Have you forgotten what I know about you?
Mitchell: Screw it! Tell her.
Graham: I really don’t think you want me to talk.
Mitchell: I don’t care anymore. Maybe it’s time they knew what I really am. I don’t deserve them as friends. I never have. So how about this, right—you tell them what I did. Or I will.
Graham: You’re bluffing.
Mitchell: Oh, if you think that then you really don’t know me at all, do you?

Mitchell: What did he say?
George: He said, “Tell Mitchell I’m going to make him proud.” Like you’re his dad or something. What’s that about?
Mitchell: It’s nothing, it’s just a running joke we have. Forget about it.

Mitchell: You don’t have to do this.
Graham: You think I can’t? You think I don’t have it in me?
Mitchell: It isn’t hard to do. The hard part is not doing it. And I failed. And I’ve regretted it every minute of every day since.
Graham: Then you are weak.

Mitchell: I’m sorry for what’s happened to you, I really am. I’m sorry I rejected you. But this isn’t the way.
Graham: You don’t get it, do you? I wanna be the new legend that vampires whisper about in the night. The new king of blood. Starting from now.

Mitchell: Apologies, ladies and gentlemen! Undercover ticket inspector. Get your tickets out! He didn’t have the right ticket.

Mitchell: How messed up are we, huh—are vampires as a species—that my story can be seen as inspirational. It has to end. The story has to die. It’s gonna hurt. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Graham: Tell people that you liked me.
Mitchell: I will.

Annie: Are you okay?
Mitchell: No. No, I’m not. Listen, I need to… I need to tell you something. I’ve done such things, Annie. I’ve done such terrible, unforgivable things. And I need to tell you.
Annie: No you don’t.
Mitchell: I need to do this.
Annie: No, you don’t. Mitchell, listen. I know what you are. I’ve known since day one. All those things you’ve done, they’re in your past right? It’s who you are now that counts. And what you’ve done for me, for George, for all of us, that’s the man I know. That’s the man I trust. And… that’s the man I want.
Mitchell: Do you forgive me?

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Episode 4 : The Pack

Annie: How about that?
Mitchell: Annie.
Annie: Still nothing?
Mitchell: The questions aren’t really helping.
Annie: Maybe your jeans are too tight.
Mitchell: No! No no, the jeans are fine. Just go with the flow, you know?
Annie: Yeah. But who leads the flow?
Mitchell: No one. It’s a flow.
Annie: Roger.
Mitchell: You know what, can we just cuddle for a little bit?
Annie: Oh. god, am I doing it really really really wrong?
Mitchell: No. I just think we should take it in tiny steps.
Annie: Oh. Okay.

Annie: So, um, since you’ve been struggling with the whole… you know. I made a list. A sex list. Of all the things that we can try.
Mitchell: Oh yeah?
Annie: Yeah. Ahem.
One: heavy petting.
Mitchell: Heavy petting’s nice.
Annie: Good nice. Checks it off. Two: dirty talk.
Mitchell: Dirty talk?
Annie: “I’ve been such a bad girl. I’ve been so very naughty. I think that I need to be spa… ” “Need to be…” Can’t quite read my writing. Oh! Spanked! Er, “I need to be spanked.” And you say, “What have you done?”
Mitchell: Ah… What have you done?
Annie: Oh, bad bad things. Naked things in the mud. Fighting my lesbian twin and…. then I sit on… sit on… Daddy.
Mitchell: Sweet Jesus.

Annie: Mitchell, why don’t you want George and Nina to know about us?
Mitchell: Me? I thought it was you.
Annie: Well why would I want to keep it secret?
Mitchell: I don’t know. I’m not exactly ideal boyfriend material, am I?
Annie: Mitchell, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted, and… oh, no, I’m not going to say it. You’ll think I’m stupid.
Mitchell: What?
Annie: Well I think this is meant to happen. I think we’re meant to be together. Like it’s fate.
Mitchell: Oh come on, Annie! That’s crap! Don’t believe in fate. Life’s about what you do, not some fucking— …I don’t mean us, I just mean… you need to make, you need to make things happen. Or not happen. You know?
Annie: Well whatever you want to call it, I think someone has plans for us.

McNair: We are not staying under the same roof as that thing.
Mitchell: That’s fine by me!
George: Mitchell’s our friend. It’s fine.
McNair: What do you mean he’s your friend? Do you know what these things do to us? Put us in cages, make us fight?
Mitchell: Oh, what are you talking about? That stopped years ago.
McNair: trust me, get away while you can. Chances are he’s got you both lined up for the next match.
Mitchell: Oh, fuck you! I’ve had enough of this.
McNair: And only a vampire would curse in front of ladies.
Mitchell: Why are they here? Who are they? Why are they here?
George: Well we met them this afternoon.
Mitchell: Why?!
Tom: They needed help.
McNair: Tom—
Mitchell: Help with what? Help with what!
Nina: I’m pregnant!

Annie: Oh my god. Oh my god. You’re gonna be a dad! And you’re gonna be a mum! And we… we’re gonna be babysitters! George… oh my god, Nina! Congratulations!
Mitchell: That’s incredible, man! Why didn’t you tell us first?
George: We wanted to Nina to speak to some werewolves first and make sure it was okay.
Mitchell: And?

Mitchell: Did the wolves say anything else about what they’re doing here?
George: Like what?
Mitchell: What, you don’t think it’s weird. Breaking into someone’s house in the middle of the night.
George: I don’t think they’re all [?] with the whole domestic protocol thing, no. But they just wanted to help. They’re like over zealous midwives.
Mitchell: And what about Nina?
George: What about Nina?
Mitchell: Oh come on! That Tom fella couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

McNair: Lovely girl.
Mitchell: You don’t talk to her. You don’t even look at her.
McNair: Lucky she’s dead already. Saves you the trouble of killing her one day.
Mitchell: What are you doing here? Really? Did somebody send you for me?
McNair: Vampires and their vanity.
Mitchell: I’ve done nothing to you.
McNair: You spilled my boy’s blood. So I’m going to spill yours.

McNair: Now how did you get in there? I didn’t invite you.
Mitchell: Yeah. Little factoid for you: mobile homes don’t count. It must be something to do with all the gypsies we used to munch on in Transylvania. I could never remember to work it out. I want you out of my house.
McNair: I was just getting comfortable.
Mitchell: You’ve outstayed your welcome, McNair. You hang around any longer and it’s bad manners, you hear me?
McNair: Ah well, McNairs. We’re stubborn bastards. My granddad lived to be a hundred and three. That’s older than a lot of vampires. I’m coming for you, pal. You can’t outrun me. You definitely can’t outfight me. You can’t even outlive me.

Mitchell: I’ll say this once and then it’s said and we’ll move on. If you so much as lay a finger on George and Nina, I’ll kill you.

Annie: You pull a girl. I hold her hand—or whatever. You feel her, and I feel you through her.
Mitchell: Oh my god, you’re not even joking.

Mitchell: Sorry we didn’t tell you sooner.
George: What are you talking about? It’s amazing. You’re a couple, we’re going to be a family. It’s like a Rubix cube all coming together.
Mitchell: Yeah. High five!

Annie: Who are we kidding with this relationship? It’s… We can’t do anything that normal couples do. We can’t have children, we can’t have sex.
Mitchell: Thank god. That’s what sex is to me, it’s weapon. It’s never been about love. It’s never even been about lust. It’s just the blood. But we can have something better than that. Something pure. Oh… I’ve done so many bad things, Annie, my god. Maybe that’s why I don’t believe in fate. I’m tired of being manipulated. For nearly a hundred years I’ve been a slave to hunger. But with you, you give me a reason to take control back over my life. You give me a reason to start again.

Mitchell: Listen, the deal’s off.
Well I’m afraid it’s a little late in the day for that. You see we are, as they say, fully cast.

Mitchell: McNair!
McNair: He was my world and you took him from me.
Mitchell: What are you talking about?
McNair: And now I’ve lost him. And you’re going to pay.
Stop it! Get off him!
Mitchell: Where are they? McNair, please! Tell me where they went.

Mitchell: We’re square now. After everything. You and me, yeah?
McNair: You think one good deed cancels out everything you’ve done? Yeah we may be square but you’ll get yours. Someday. Soon. Somebody’s going to get you. Bang.

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Episode 5 : The Longest Day

George: Mitchell! What are we going to do.
Mitchell: Stake him. {he runs out of the room}
Nina: What did he say?

George: It’s going to happen all over again.
Mitchell: It’s not. We get rid of him. We wait for her to do whatever she has to do and then we get rid of him.

George: I ripped his head off! And you said, you said that would be it. No one survives a werewolf attack. It’s the end, I’ve run out. There’s no coming back. So you tell me, how has he survived?
Mitchell: I don’t know! I don’t have all the answers! I just know that we need to get rid of him tonight!

Mitchell: What, you think he’s all cured? He’s better now? He’s bluffing! Why can’t anyone see that?
Annie: That noise that he made. That noise, he was so scared. It was horrible. It was so… human.
Mitchell: But he’s not human. He’s far from it.
Annie: Well, couldn’t we just give him some clothes and some money and drive him somewhere and just set him free.
Mitchell: Oh yeah, that’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? That’s genius. Set him free. For fuck’s sake, Annie!
Annie: Don’t talk to me like that.
Mitchell: Well say something sensible then, Jesus! George, you understand don’t you? You know there’s only one way.
George: I can’t do it, I can’t—
Mitchell: I’m not asking you to do anything. I’ll do it. But it has to be done. Agreed?
George: Yes.

Wendy: Is she all right?
Mitchell: Oh. Yeah yeah yeah. She’s a hard core raver. Festival season. She looks like she’s just fallen off a park bench now, but a hot shower and some beans on toast and she’s back to the building society in her navy suit.
Wendy: Oh, it’s… raving. I was young once too…. Once.
Mitchell: Of course you were.

Mitchell: What are you doing here?
Cara: Need your help. With Herrick.
Mitchell: Oh great, you know about him.
Cara: Of course I bloody know. I brought him back! He run off from me at the hospital. I need to find him.
Mitchell: You brought him back? Ah, well, aren’t you the clever girl.

Mitchell: Cara, Cara listen to me. I need to know. Okay, I really need to know. Because… I’ve been told that I’m gonna get got. Alright? I don’t know when, but one full moon a werewolf is going to kill me, Cara. And I am not willing to accept that. That, ah—
Cara: Prophecy?
Mitchell: Yeah. I won’t have it. I don’t want to die, sweetheart. So you’re gonna have to tell me.
Cara: I’ll tell you. Just as soon as you make my Herrick right. Tit for tat, Mitchell. Tit for tat.

Wendy: If there’s abuse we need to inform the police.
Mitchell: He hasn’t said anything to you, has he?
Nina: No.
Wendy: So where does that come from then?
Mitchell: I don’t know. You have to wonder what kind of movies he’s been watching. Poor Billy.

Annie: Poor Cara, huh? Having all that love thrown back in her face.
Mitchell: She killed and killed and killed. Don’t waste your time, Annie.
Annie: You felt the same. I saw the way you looked. And what did you want to talk to her about? What was so important that made you look like that? Mitchell!
Mitchell: What do you want from me?
Annie: Nothing! Don’t change the subject.
Mitchell: You want every little corner of me. But I just don’t want to give it.
Annie: Why are you being like this?
Mitchell: Oh come on! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. All the bright smiles and the chat. It doesn’t make up for what just isn’t there.
Annie: No. No, you came and got me. You saved me. You said that you loved me.
Mitchell: I was in love with the idea of being a hero…. a rescuer. Your savior. That’s what I was in love with, not you. It’s for the best. One day you’ll realize.

Mitchell: Nina, William Herrick has achieved something that nobody else has managed to do in over two millennia. He is a vampire at the very height of his power and every second he grows stronger. Now he can’t hurt Annie. Not me, not now. Things have changed.
Nina: What things?
Mitchell: Things. It’s complicated.
Nina: Oh, it always is with you.
Mitchell: Well here’s something simple. You, George and the baby, Herrick will annihilate you.
Nina: Aw, you’re doing this for us. How selfless.
Mitchell: Do you think I’m enjoying this?
Nina: I think there’s a poison in you which has nothing to do with being a vampire. So yeah, I think you do enjoy it.
Mitchell: Oh my god. It’s you. Of course. Of course, it’s going to be you.
Nina: What’s— what’s gonna be me?
Mitchell: Nina. Little bullet. I am gonna make you so very happy.
Nina: What the fuck does that mean?
Mitchell: Oh you’ll see. And I’m gonna do what needs doing because I don’t need your permission for anything.

Mitchell: What are you doing, George? Are you really going to use that? I don’t think you have it in you. You know it and I know it. Your hand is shaking, George. Your hand is shaking so hard. Who do you think you are, huh? Pointing the stick at me, you fucking dog. Get out of my way!
George: I said no!
Mitchell: Move.
George: I am not letting you do it.
Mitchell: Oh what do you even care? You killed him once already!

George: Herrick is a vampire but he doesn’t know he’s one. He doesn’t remember all the things he’s done. When he did remember, he was punished. But now he doesn’t. Now he’s just ordinary.
Mitchell: He was never ordinary! Never! Listen to me, George, listen to me really good. I’m not doing this on a whim. It’s costing me. You have no idea what it’s costing me.
George: What are you talking about?
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter.

Annie: Before you say anything I haven’t come in here to do the whole crying thing. And I’d rather not talk to you at all because you have been a five-star dickhead tonight, but y— What’s happened to your face?
Mitchell: George hit me.
Annie: Good. Good for George. Saves me the job.
Mitchell: It’s like being kicked by a bastard horse. And get this, right? He says if I stake Herrick he won’t be my friend anymore. I mean why is he allowed to forget and I can’t? Huh? Why him and not me? Oh, I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m so tired and I’m losing everything.

Mitchell: I said some things that I didn’t mean.
Annie: Then why the hell would you say them?
Mitchell: Because… you and me, it’s for eternity. Really forever. I was running scared. A typical, useless man. But… I don’t want to live without you. I can’t live without you. I can’t… I can’t.

Mitchell: George. {he turns back.} I choose you.

Mitchell: Okay, if this amnesia was a bluff even you’d be cracking by now. So let’s take it from the top. William Herrick. Born 1843. Made vampire in 1890. You survived a werewolf attack.
Herrick: If you don’t mind me saying so, old son, I think you’re a bit touched with the simple stick.
Mitchell: You survived it. And you found a way back. Which means you’ve got something that I want. And if I have to dig that secret out of your skull with my nails, I’ll do it. I’m going to make you tell me everything.

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Episode 6 : Daddy Ghoul

Paris 1933

Herrick: Something-something-something—
Mitchell about his jaw: Yeah. There’s a definite dent.
Herrick: —E-something-something-S.
Mitchell: Here, have a feel of this.
Herrick: Don’t come any closer.
Mitchell: No seriously, have a feel of it.
Herrick: I said, do not come near me.

Mitchell: And what, you want me to apologize? I’m the one who looks like I’m wearing my face inside out! You’re the one who should be apologizing.
Herrick: I told you to let her die.
Mitchell: I wanted some company!
Herrick: You’ve got company.
Mitchell: Other company, Herrick!
Herrick: I said no recruitment.
Mitchell: And why not?
Herrick: It doesn’t matter anymore.
Mitchell: No. No, why not, Herrick? Oh, did you have something special planned?

Herrick: You know the Old Ones, they kill at will. But they don’t recruit lightly. In fact, most of them only do it once. They choose a protège. It’s an eternal bond.
Mitchell: I don’t need a protège.
Herrick: It isn’t always about you. Why do you think some of us live forever and others are like… fireflies?
Mitchell: Because some of us are smart and some of us are stupid.
Herrick: If you choose an heir, they inherit all your secrets. They become a dark angel. Your protector. Your savior.
Mitchell: Savior from what?
Herrick: Oh. Perhaps a fate we’ve been led to belief there is no salvation from.
Mitchell: So… if something happens to you…
Herrick: They can bring you back.
Mitchell: And that’s possible?
Herrick: That and so much more.
Mitchell: So you want me to be your heir?

Annie: Did you miss me?
Mitchell: Oh shit, Annie. You frightened me!
Annie: Well I’m a ghost. It’s my prerogative. So can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? … Me?
Mitchell: Coffee’d be great.
Annie: Oh.

Mitchell: I’m so sorry, George.
Annie: “Stop all the clocks. Cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone.” {awkward pause} “But know that you are not in this thing alone. There’s always a place in me, that you can call home. When you feel like we’re growing apart, let us just go back back… back… back… back, back to the start. You’ve got to fight—’
Mitchell: Okay then. Why don’t we give George and Nina some space.

Annie: What did I do?
Mitchell: Oh, it’s difficult to find the right words at times like this. Why not rely on those of the literary greats? Like Auden. And Cheryl Cole.
Annie: Did I? Did I punch him?
Mitchell: Yeah.

Mitchell: I know. I’ve felt it too. Right now you’re praying to a god that you don’t believe in. Begging for Him to take the pain away. Or just let you die. But if God does exist, He doesn’t listen to people like you and me. I can help you, Herrick. Do you want me to help you? Do you want me to make this go away?
Herrick: Of course I do!
Mitchell: You know why you’re suffering.
Herrick: I don’t!
Mitchell: You know. You might not understand it yet, but you know. It’s an instinct. You need to drink.

Mitchell: I can make you powerful again. I can make you strong again. And you never did give me my inheritance. We’ve had exceedingly long lives, Herrick. And finally—finally—I feel complete. I feel happy. I’m not ready for this to end. I’m not ready to leave her. A werewolf ripped you to pieces, yet you survived. I need you to tell me how.

Mitchell: Annie, can we just forget about it?
Annie: Forget about it? Someone is trying to link you to the murder of twenty innocent people, Mitchell.
Mitchell: You heard what she said, it’s probably nothing.
Annie: And I might believe that, if you weren’t so shaken by it.
Mitchell: What? No I’m not.
Annie: I know you, Mitchell.

Mitchell: There was this girl—this vampire girl I sort of knew. Her name was Daisy. And she had this—
Annie: I see. Do you still have feelings for this girl?
Mitchell: No! No, it’s not that. You won’t understand.
Annie: Try me.
Mitchell: No matter what I think of her, of what she may or may not have done, talking to the police, it throw an unwelcome light onto our world. It’s a betrayal.
Annie: So you’d rather be punished for something you didn’t do?
Mitchell: They don’t suspect me!
Annie: How can you be so sure? Someone out there is trying to connect you to this. You have to go to the police, Mitchell.
Mitchell: We have a code. It’s not an honorable one, but we have to live by it, Annie. All right?
Annie: We?
Mitchell: Yeah.
Annie: The only “we” is you and me. And if you won’t protect yourself, I will.

Mitchell: You know, I thought you were supposed to solve crimes, not commit them.
DC Reed: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Mitchell: Oh… That’s not true. Is it, Nancy? You’ve taken something that doesn’t belong to you. I think you should give it back.
DC Reed: It’s quite the collection, John.
Mitchell: It interests me, that’s all.
DC Reed: It’s a sick hobby.
Mitchell: Eh, so’s taxidermy. But there’s no law against that either. Now unless you produce a warrant from that ridiculous bag, I suggest you give me back my book. I won’t ask you again. {She hands him the book back.} You really shouldn’t have done that, Nancy.

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Episode 7 : Though the Heavens Fall

Mitchell: Look, I’m just saying. This is vampire business. You start mixing it with human laws and courts and stuff, and god knows what could happen.
Annie: Yeah. Well. It’s a bit late to worry about that, isn’t it?
Mitchell: Alright, well say you do lead the police to Daisy. Okay? They arrest her, they process her, they take her photograph, and bam! That’s it. The world knows about vampires and it’s total…. This is First Contact. It’s Biblical. Religion, history, science, they lose everything. The trauma factor, do imagine.
Annie: I need more drawing pens.
Mitchell: Annie.
Annie: Vampires must have been arrested in the past.
Mitchell: Yeah. But we used to have an infrastructure in place to sort it out.
Annie: So what? Daisy should just get away with it?
Mitchell: I’m saying, the vampires take care of this sort of thing themselves.
Annie: Like vampire police.
Mitchell: Well not actual. It’s kind of self-regulating.

Annie: Okay, look. What if it was me? Hm? Say I didn’t die and I got on that train and so did Daisy and I don’t know, that was my picture in that incident room, not Lia’s. What would you do?
Mitchell: I wouldn’t have known you.
Annie: Play my What If game.
Mitchell: I’d tear the world apart.
Annie: That’s the correct answer.

George: Yeah, I forgot to mention. We, ah, we’ve got guests.
Mitchell: That’s five.
George: What?
Mitchell: That’s fine.

Mitchell: Okay, listen. It’s a full moon tonight and downstairs is standing room only for bloody lycos so you’re going to tell me how you did it. How did you survive that werewolf attack?
Herrick: You just keep asking me this! As if these are riddles!
Mitchell: Look, I haven’t got time for this. The old Herrick knows the answer so we need to find him. Now! I know you’re in there. You old bastard, I can see you sniggering behind his eyes! I know you can hear me.
Herrick: Stop this! Stop this! I don’t know what it is you want from me.
Mitchell: There’s only one way to bring you back. But I won’t do that. Not yet.

Mitchell: So. Here we are again.
DC Reed: Yeah. I suddenly got the urge.
Mitchell: It’s funny, that.
DC Reed: John. Why do you have a scrapbook full of clippings of the Box Tunnel 20 if you have no connection to the crime?
Mitchell: I don’t know what you mean.
Annie: Tell her that you’re investigating the case too. We could all work together.
Mitchell: It wasn’t mine. It’s complicated. There was this guy—Graham—he put it all together. He thought it was the kind of thing I’d be impressed by. I thought it was gross.
Annie: Graham? Why didn’t you just say?

DC Reed: Why have you given me the name of someone who died seventy years ago, John?
Mitchell: It’s the name she gave me. It’s probably made up. She was a total fantasist. Even the things she said about the murders. She was always coming out with stuff like that. People she’d met, things she’d done.
Annie: Mitchell. What are you saying?
DC Reed: So now you think she didn’t have anything to do with the murders?
Mitchell: It’s pretty unlikely, yeah.
DC Reed: John. I know you’re dicking me about. Do you want to know how I know?
Mitchell: Yeah. Yeah, this should be good.
DC Reed: it’s all pretty basic. The muscles around your eyes don’t move when you smile. Generally your body language is limited and stiff. The lack of direct statements. Lots of probably’s and I think’s. Plus there’s the willingness to change the subject even though I just said a friend of yours died in World War II.

DC Reed: Last thing. I’d like to speak to Nina’s uncle Billy again.
Mitchell: I’m not sure that’s a good idea.
DC Reed: I don’t bite.
Mitchell: Sure. Why not. I’ll just make sure he’s presentable.

Mitchell: That policewoman’s back. She wants to talk to you.
Herrick: I cannot be trusted.

Mitchell: The first time we met we were soldiers. You know war is surreal. It’s a different planet. Men have to do things that they’d never dream of. Things that seem terrible, heretical. But in a war, these things can be heroic, selfless. They can save lives.
Herrick: But we’re not at war.
Mitchell: Oh we are. It’s a secret war, but yes. We are. And sometimes we’ll be asked to do things that seem to be bad, but they’re not. And this is very important. They’re not bad, they’re brave.
Herrick: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mitchell, I implore you. Keep that woman away from me!
Mitchell: It’s not being a coward and it’s not failing. It’s being brave enough to let nature take its course.

Annie: Mitchell, what are you doing?
Mitchell: What am I doing? What the hell do you think you’re doing, bringing that woman back here?
Annie: She thinks you’re the murderer. For god’s sake, just give her bloody Daisy.
Mitchell: What bit of this don’t you understand? I give her Daisy and everything ends.
Annie: But you get arrested and everything ends anyway.
Mitchell: I won’t allow that to happen.
Annie: What’s that supposed to mean?
Mitchell: I told you, I’ll deal with this. All right?

Mitchell: Prophecy, my ass.

Annie: I know.
Mitchell: What? Annie, I haven’t got time for this. There’s been an accident. You know what? {she shakes her head} How did you find out?
Annie: Nancy. And a vampire. Does that matter? Was Daisy even involved?
Mitchell: Yeah. But it was my idea.
Annie: Thank you. That’s probably the first honest thing you’ve said to me in months. You got me to love you. There was this… cancer between us and you let me fall in love with you.
Mitchell: Because I love you.
Annie: Oh. Because you love me. Do you have any idea how inadequate that sounds? And I killed a vampire. I’ve never even so much as swatted a fly and I rammed a stake into his back. It spreads, Mitchell! All you’ve done is contaminated us all!

Annie: You turn yourself in. Give those families that comfort.
Mitchell: I can’t, Annie. I can’t do that.
Annie: You helped us with Sasha and Adam. And you saved McNair and Tom so I know that there’s still good in you. I know that the man I love is still in there.
Mitchell: Everything will be torn apart. The entire world. They can’t know, they can’t.
Annie: That’s why I’ve decided I’m going to stay with you.
Mitchell: No. No no no no.
Annie: Okay. You needn’t be frightened, Mitchell. Whatever they do to you, wherever they take you, I’ll be with you. And you won’t be alone.
Mitchell: No, it’s not about fear or punishment. Jesus Christ! I want to be punished. But it can’t happen like this.
Annie: Mitchell they were people’s children. And you and Daisy. This has to stop, Mitchell, please. And this is how. {the police surround the house}
Mitchell: Annie, you need to get me out of here. You need to help me.
Annie: I asked you what you would do if it was me, and what you’d want for my killer. Please.
Mitchell: If they arrest me, I’m going to have to kill them all.
Annie: No. I don’t think you will. I think you want the killing to stop.
Mitchell: Why won’t you understand? We can’t be arrested!
Annie: Mitchell, please! If you love me—if you ever loved me—then you will do this.

Mitchell: You get one chance. Let me go. Or I kill everyone in this room.

Custody Sergeant: Name?
Mitchell: Please, don’t do this.
Custody Sergeant: Name, sir!
Mitchell: Fuck you! Listen to me!
Custody Sergeant: Date of birth, Mr. Fuck You?
Mitchell: You have to let me go. You’re not ready. None of you are.
Custody Sergeant: Date of birth.
Mitchell: July 26, 1893. But please, please let me go. It can’t happen like this. Not here. Not in Wales.
Custody Sergeant: Where’s DC Reed? This is her collar.

Custody Sergeant: Take the picture! Andy, take the picture! Andy, just take the bloody picture!
Mitchell: Oh god. {the camera clicks}

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Episode 8 : The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Mitchell: Just Rentaghost into the corridor, get the keys and let me out. Without me there’s no proof.
Annie: I could get you a cup of tea. And a Kit-Kat if you want.
Mitchell: Oh, sh— Look. [] me this. They’re gonna move me to a maximum security station and that’s it. Guards and guns. Even you won’t be able to get me out.
Annie: Mitchell. I don’t know how to make this any clearer to you: I don’t want you to get out.

Mitchell: So this is how the world discovers vampires, werewolves and ghosts, huh?
Annie: Yes. I suppose it is.
Mitchell: They’re gonna kill me, Annie. They’re gonna kill us all.
Annie: No, you don’t know that.
Mitchell: They’re frightened of us.
Annie: They should be.

Mitchell: I swear, the man who did those things, that’s not me anymore. You gave me a reason to fight it and try to be human again. That’s why I kept Herrick alive.
Annie: What’s he got to do with this?
Mitchell: When I came to get you back from— from where you were. They told me that if I brought you back there’d be a price to pay. That I’d be killed by a werewolf.
Who told you that?

Mitchell: I almost wanted it to happen. Just let fate take its course. I mean, my god! To be free of all this. But I thought it, so I could be with you. I didn’t conceal it out of cowardice, but because there was nothing—no punishment on Earth—worse than your disappointment.
Annie: Do you even know who you’re in love with?
Mitchell: What do you mean?
Annie: Maybe you were happy to see those people bury their mums and their dads and their children. With no sense of— no justice. Maybe you thought that we were worth it. What the hell made you think I would?

Annie: I should just let you rot in here alone, but I won’t. Things we do for love, eh? So that’s the deal. You give them justice. And you get me.
Mitchell: Yeah, but for how long? There’s a bullet out there with my name on it. So how long do I get you for anyway.

Herrick: Rule number one of Vampire Club: Do not get arrested. Even Seth knew that and he used to point at planes.
Mitchell: What the hell are you doing here?
Herrick: Putting the genie back in the bottle. Come on.

Annie: Mitchell, no! Please don’t. Not even if the whole world finds out about—
Mitchell: No, this is not about that. He has the secret. He can tell me how to fight the prophecy. I’ll come back, I swear.

Mitchell: Was that necessary?
Herrick: Oh, uh. You’re welcome.

Mitchell: You’re back then.
Herrick: Isn’t that what you wanted?
Mitchell: No no no. What I wanted was to learn how to survive a werewolf attack.
Herrick: Oh, well I feel drenched with love.
Mitchell: So tell me.
Herrick: What, now? During a prison break?
Mitchell: Come on, you got Cara to do it. How complicated can it be.

Herrick: Gotta say, I’m ever so confused.
Mitchell about the cage: What’s going on?
Herrick: Just a precaution. Completely understandable, I think.

Mitchell: Why have you brought me here?
Herrick: Surely who have I brought here is more apropos. I mean, one minute you’re letting George tear my head off for the sake of humanity. And the next, you’re massacring twenty of them in a train carriage. I mean, talk about fickle.
Mitchell: Yeah, wouldn’t expect you to understand. Your character’s always been pretty consistent.
Herrick: I think that was a dig.

Mitchell: Just now, why didn’t you kill me?
Herrick: I told you. I don’t know where your loyalties lie. See, I wanna pick up where I left off and having you by my side—
Mitchell: No. No, this is more than just political maneuvering. I make you weak. I make you vulnerable.
Herrick: Says the man in the cage.
Mitchell: Still walking and talking and making it look like you can’t finish a job.
Herrick: Not for want of trying.
Mitchell: But you always manage to fudge it somehow. Why is that? Just kill me! Get it over with. You know, people are starting to talk.

Mitchell: Killing those people, on that train. Do you think me, her and George are gonna be eating a pizza in front of The Real Hustle? No, that’s out.
Herrick: Okay, I’m going to stop you there. Because we both know that right now you’d say anything to get out of the cage.
Mitchell: Exactly! You’ve known me ninety years and finally you get it. What the hell have we just been talking about? It’s all about expediency with me. It’s skin deep. The vampires were pissing me off so I threw my lot in with humanity. They betray me, I get on their train. And I’m washing bits of humanity out of my hair for a fortnight. So what do I? I get the fuck out of Dodge, that’s what I do. I’ll do whatever it takes to survive, Herrick. And right now the only way for me to survive is by siding with you. Completely 100% percent? You bet. Forever? I doubt it. Until then I’ll be your poster boy—your vice president. Whatever you want. I’ll do it.
Herrick: You’ll be the villain now.
Mitchell: Christ. I always was.

Mitchell: It’s you. You’re the one who’s gonna kill me.

Tom: Anthony Michael McNair. Murdered by a vampire. Avenged by his son.
Mitchell: Tom, leave him alone. Don’t touch him. If you did, I kill George.
Tom: You wouldn’t, he’s your friend.
George: He would.
Mitchell: Try me.
Tom: He killed McNair.
Mitchell: He’s one of your own. Don’t let this happen.

Herrick: Kill him, Mitchell. Do it now.
Mitchell: The famous Herrick brain clearly ain’t workin’ at fullspeed yet, is it? Listen to me, he ripped your head off and cancelled the revolution so you’re gonna have to kill him yourself. But do it publicly, make a statement.

Herrick: Things are going to be moving a lot faster now. I’ve got sleeper cells all over America. I just say the word and it begins. What are we doing here?
Mitchell: You’ll see.
Herrick: Listen, okay, I think it’s about time that I explained the trick. So basically if George had stuck a stake in me it was game over. No one comes back from that. So I.. I kinda got lucky with him just ripping my head off.
Mitchell: I don’t want to know anymore.
Herrick: But you’ve been searching for this for months.
Mitchell: And then I saw the look of contempt on my best friend’s face. And I realized that this has to stop.

Mitchell: I want to show you something first. You recruited me. You lead me into this… unbelievable world. And I know I’ve done some terrible things, but I’ve seen some extraordinary things too. I have more memories than I deserve, Herrick. And that’s because of you. So in return, I want to give you this.

Herrick: Look at this world. How does it make you feel knowing that soon all of this will be ours?
Mitchell: Don’t you understand? It always was.

Annie: Mitchell, you do know we can’t go back to the way we were. You know, the four of us. Friends. Lovers. Making tea. You do understand that.
Nina: So what do you want?
Mitchell: I want George to kill me.

Annie: Look, Mitchell. There is no prophecy. Lia made it up.
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter. I’m going to kill again, we all know it. Because I have to. And because there’s a part of me that wants to. The vampire gene is stubborn. It finds a way to thrive. I need to be stopped in a way I can’t come back from.
Nina: Why can’t you do it yourself? Like Cara did.
Mitchell: It has to be him. It’s the final piece of his story with me.
Nina: Vampires and their inscrutable bullshit.

Mitchell: He has to kill me because he has to disown me. You’ve all become corrupted by me, but George most of all. He suspected more than any of you. And so he had to choose between his love for me and his ethics. And I let him choose me. But there’s something else too. You saw that they set some guy up for the Box Tunnel murders.
Annie: Herrick arranged it, didn’t he?
Mitchell: No. This is way out of Herrick’s league.
Nina: So who did?
Mitchell: I don’t know. But whoever it was, it’s a debt they’re going to want repaid. Trust me. You want me out of the picture.

George: Where’s Herrick?
Mitchell: Dead.
George: How dead?
Mitchell: Proper dead. I killed him.

George: What do you see when you look at me?
Mitchell: My friend.
George: That’s good.
Mitchell: A werewolf.
George: Okay.
Mitchell: I want to pull your spine out through your mouth.
George: What’s happened to you?
Mitchell: It won.
George: So who am I talking to?
Mitchell: An echo.

George: What if you ran away to Scotland?
Mitchell: I’d kill people in Scotland.
George: What if we kept you in the attic?
Mitchell: Our success rate there is less than a hundred percent.
George: What if I forgave you?
Mitchell: That’s not your right. I didn’t hurt anyone you know.
George: No. But you’ve made me complicit.
Mitchell: Suppose I kill Nina and the baby.
George: Oh don’t say stuff like that.
Mitchell: But I get someone else to forgive me. would that be okay with you?
George: So ask some victim’s relatives to do this.
Mitchell: Those souls don’t need saving.
George: You’re trying to save my soul?
Mitchell: It’s been compromised.
George: What you are asking me to do—
Mitchell: Is heroic. “George Sands saves the world.”
George: That was never one of my ambitions.
Mitchell: Yeah, well. I wanted to own a pub but this is where we’re at. I used you, George. I used our friendship. I hid in it. It’s nothing personal, but it was a means to an end.
George: Okay, no I can, yeah, I can see what you’re trying to do but it won’t work.
Mitchell: Poor little lost werewolf. It made me feel better about myself.
George: Oh, is that right?
Mitchell: You didn’t ever wonder why someone like me would be friends with someone like you?
George: Someone like you?
Mitchell: Yeah. Smart, savvy. Looking like this.
George: Right. Whereas I was…
Mitchell: Pathetic. Shambolic. Needy. But there you were, hanging out with the cool kids. no wonder you were willing to forgive and forget a few murders. You know what? Even I felt a kind of disgust.
George: This will not work.
Mitchell: You looked the other way. You gave me alibi after alibi. You betrayed humanity, George, just so you could have somebody to live with.
George: Do you really want me to believe this?
Mitchell: When I got on that train you might as well have come along and held my coat.
George: Do you really really want me to believe this!?
Mitchell: No. Of course not. Oh please, George. God, I can see their faces! Not just the people I’ve killed but the people I’m going to kill. I’m so scared. I want to tear my eyes out. Is it going to be another train next time? Oh, Jesus, or a school? It’s all so inevitable. Please do it. Please. You need to stop me. And if you can’t do it for me you have to do it for them. Please. Please.

George: Stand up. Is this really happening?
Mitchell: This is a good thing you’re doing. That stuff I said is not you. Remember once I told you that anything that happened would have happened a lot sooner and a lot worse if it wasn’t for you two. to Nina. Look after him. And look after the baby. I guess I’m finally doing the decent thing.
Nina: Then this is what we’ll remember.
Mitchell: Yeah.

Mitchell: You were the love of my long life.
Annie: And you were the love of mine.
Mitchell: Thank you. All of you. You made me human. Let’s do this.

Wyndam: This is what is going to happen. Mitchell, you’re coming with me. I think you’re going to come in useful one day so this martyrdom isn’t an option.
Mitchell: No. No, please, I don’t want that. This, this has to be the end.

George: I’m doing this because I love you.
Mitchell: I know.

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