Being Human Annie Sawyer

Series 3


Lenora Crichlow

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Episode 1 : Lia

Newsreader: Four weeks since the attacks in Box Tunnel, and the police have yet to make any arrests. However— {the screen breaks up and Annie cuts in}
Annie: Mitchell? Mitchell? Can you hear me?
Mitchell: Annie?
Annie: Help, Mitchell. I’m so scared.
Mitchell: Don’t go! Can you see me? Are you okay? Oh god, Annie.

Annie: They call this the waiting room. We wait here until… they know where they want us to go.
Mitchell: But have they told you where?
Annie: They’re going to build a special room just for me. They’re gonna lock the door and they’re gonna burn the key.
Mitchell: But what does that mean?
Annie: It’s hell, Mitchell! They’re gonna take me to hell!
Mitchell: No, Annie! Annie, listen to me. I’m coming to get you. We just need to find out what—

Annie: Mitchell? Mitchell?
Mitchell: Annie, I’m here!
Annie: They’re getting ready to move me. They’re taking me to the room.
Mitchell: Which room? There are all these doors! Which room, Annie?
Annie: There’s going to be a parade. They’ll scatter ashes in front of me like petals, they said.
Mitchell: Listen to me, I’m coming to get you. I swear I’m on my way.
Annie: Oh no. They’re coming! They’ve got drums. They’re cheering. I can hear children cheering.
Lia: Must be a concept album.

Mitchell: Why are you bringing me to these places? To punish me, is that it?
Lia: You chose the door. Next time pick one where you’re building an orphanage on the other side.
Mitchell: It’s a compulsion. It was a compulsion. I am not that man anymore.
Lia: Brilliant! Then there should be nothing stopping you from getting Annie back.
Annie: Mitchell! Mitchell, please! Mitchell, help. Oh my goodness.
Mitchell: Tell me where she is.
Lia: You know what to do.
Mitchell: What are you— ? Of course I don’t!
Lia: What happens next is your choice.

Lia: Annie, isn’t it? I’m Lia. Sorry about all this palaver. It’s been chaos here. Lots of people turning up early. Everyone’s in a bit of a tizz.
Annie: You’re going to take me to the room now.
Lia: Oh, the train station! Oh, sorry. This was for my three o’clock. No, you’re free to go.
Annie: I can go, really?
Lia: Yeah. You will still be dead. I should make that clear. Your body… well. It’s been over two years. No one really wants to see that.
Annie: And, um, will I come back here one day?
Lia: Well. We all end up here eventually. The problem with you was you came through the wrong door. But next time you’ll come through the right one and it’ll be Boggle and pina coladas 24-7. Spit spot! Mitchell’s waiting. Is anything going on between you guys? I mean he came to purgatory to find you. Puts my ex-boyfriend’s tattoo into perspective.
Annie: Just friends.
Lia: You’d be so adorable, you two. I could eat you up.
Annie: I’m dead.
Lia: So’s he. I think it’s meant to happen. I think it’s… fate.

Annie: What happened to you, Lia?
Lia: A very bad thing. It’s okay. We play the long game here.

Annie: You saved me.
Mitchell: You saved me too.
Annie: What happened? Did you— Was there like, I don’t know, some kind of trade off?
Mitchell: Nothing. There was nothing. Mind games, that’s all. I don’t believe a word of it.

Annie: Where are we? This isn’t Bristol.
Mitchell: No. That’s the, uh, the other thing. We sort of moved to Wales.
Annie: Wales!
Mitchell: Yeah. Barry Island.
Annie: I wanna go back.
Mitchell: To Bristol?
Annie: No. To purgatory.

Annie: My name is Annie Clare Sawyer. And two years ago I died. But in so many ways that’s when my life began. In the company of horrors, I learned about friendship and loyalty, sacrifice and courage. Humanity isn’t a species. It’s a state of mind. It can’t be defeated. It moves mountains, it saves souls. We were blessed as much as we were cursed. In this little enclave of the lost, I witnessed the very best of being human. We were safe here. While outside, the monsters prowled.

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Episode 2 : Adam’s Family

Nina: Annie. How are you feeling?
Annie: Feeling? I’m fine. Why?
Nina: I just want to say that if you want to talk about it, you know.
Annie: Oh. Yeah, no. It wasn’t actually all that bad.
Nina: Annie. You were in purgatory.
Annie: Yeah, I know. But I’ve been to the Isle of Wight so it’s not really that much of a culture shock.

Annie: In that case, you better build your strength up. I’ll get start on the pancakes.
Mitchell: Heya! I didn’t drag you back from that place to make me breakfast, Annie.
Annie: No. But, I do think I was brought back for a reason.
Mitchell: I missed you…. We missed you. Every, every— We all missed you.
Annie: Well think about it, not everyone can say they’ve been to Hell and back. Well they can say it, actually. It’s a very common saying, but actually mean it.

Mitchell: No. Thanks Annie. Annie, this was really sweet—if a little crazy—thing to do.
Annie: Well it doesn’t stop there. I’m coming with you to your interview.
Mitchell: Woah.
Annie: Mitchell, wherever you go from here, I’ve got your back. Just think of me as your guardian angel. Right. Tie.

Annie: And keep saying the interviewer’s name. That builds a bond. Like, “Yes, Ken.” “You’re right, Ken.” “I totally agree with you, Ken.”
Nita Mawulawde: Mr. Mitchell.
Annie: Don’t call her Ken.

Annie: That you were inspired by Florence Nightingale to bring cleanliness to the wards.
Mitchell: Oh, god—
Annie: Don’t say God, she might be religious.
Mitchell: Shit!
Annie: God is better.

Annie: That was an inside job. They’ll be forced to advertise for legal reasons, but a Christian number like that? I mean, she’ll have a mate lined up. It’ll be fine. I’m not quite sure how exactly just yet. But there is a perfect solution to this and— . Trust your guardian angel to find it.

Adam: Well, hello.
Annie: Oh, I thought I heard the door.
Adam: Or did you hear my heart begin to beat a little faster?
Annie: No no. No, definitely the door.

Annie: Hello!
Adam: Shit a brick, don’t you knock?
Annie: Oh no, I don’t have to. Being dead has some perks.

Adam: You wanna watch yourself with this one as well, Mitch. Been giving me the glad eye ever since I arrived. She loves a bit of fang.
Annie: I do not! That is a terrible thing to say. I do not like a bit of fang! Not his fang! Or anyone else’s. {they stare at her} I’m not ruling it out, just… if the right fang came along but I haven’t even thought about it. At all. For ages.

Annie: Anyway, Mitchell, um, I have in my hand a piece of paper. Phase two of Find-Mitchell-a-Job campaign.
Mitchell: Ugh. Annie, Annie. It doesn’t matter. I’m considering other options anyway.
Annie: Mitchell, you’re not a quitter. It says so here in this reference that I wrote. Check this out. “John Mitchell is the finest employee I ever had. He is loyal and dependable and valued by all his coworkers. I recall he did not give the best interview. But I put that down to nerves.”
Mitchell: So, what? I make a habit of screwing up interviews now?
Annie: “But how glad am I that I took a chance on him? Very. Because I was rewarded with a pleasant and reliable worker who would be an asset to any company. Plus, let’s face it, he’s easy on the eye.” I’m just… covering all my bases.
Mitchell: Yeah, you know what, maybe I just don’t want to be a hospital cleaner anymore.
Annie: No, of course you don’t. This is just the beginning, Mitchell. With me in your corner next year you could be in the canteen.

Mitchell: We can look after ourselves.
Annie: You’d be lost without me!
Mitchell: And how would you be without us, huh? You can’t base your life on what you give to other people. ‘Cause well, we might not always be here.
Annie: Where would you go? I mean you wouldn’t go to that foul place and get me back and then just, like, abandon me.
Mitchell: Things change.
Annie: In a day?

Mitchell: Ah, stop it, Annie. Stop defining yourself by what you do for other people. Get a—
Annie: A life? Bit late for that.

Annie: Um, what do you think I came back for? To a world where I can’t be seen or heard… or touched. All I’ve got is you. And Nina and George. You are my life. You give me life. You saw that place. And I’m telling you that, if I had to drift through this world without you, with no one knowing I’m even here, then… then I might as well be back there.

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Episode 3 : Type 4

Sasha: Why don’t you take a picture, you nosy bitch!
Annie: You can see me?
Sasha: What? Oh… think you’re better than me do you? Little Miss Soddin’ High and Mighty, is it?
Annie: No! {Annie takes off}
Sasha: Is it?
Annie: Not today, thank you!
Sasha: Come on then!

Annie: Guys, I’m in trouble. There’s a dead woman after me!
Mitchell: What happened? Are you okay?
Annie: I was walking past this club on Westland Street. You know that down-market version of Ritzys. Yeah I know, like that’s really possible. Anyway, this dead woman got thrown out of the club, but, but she could see me.

Annie: And she followed me home.
Mitchell: Why didn’t you just [?] home?
Annie: Well, that would be, that would be because… I was under a lot of pressure! Okay?
George: I just got up for a pee.

George: What have we got?
Mitchell: A drunk, dead woman. Shouting.
George: That’s not a ghost. I can smell her.
Mitchell: What, from here?
George: Oh yeah. Even without the whole wolf thing.
Annie: Well of course you can smell her. She’s got a body! {they look at her.} I’m sure I mentioned that.

Mitchell: So what do we call you?
Sasha: Anything you like, sweetheart. {Annie yanks her hair with the flatiron}.
Annie: Oh! Oh, sorry. Look, you got caught there. Caught a bit of your hair, sorry.
Sasha: Don’t worry, babe. I can tell you’re not used to a beauty regime.

Sasha: So, um, what’s Mitchell’s story? Is he single?
Annie: No. No, he’s my boyfriend.
Sasha: Really?
Annie: Yup.
Sasha: Wow.
God, you did well there, didn’t you?

Annie: Is that blood?
Mitchell: Oh… that can’t be good.

Annie: I’m already dead. I’m already dead. I’m already dead.

Mitchell: I don’t think it was just Sasha. There’s four subject sheets here. All came back to life, all at the same time. I think they were testing them. Trying to find out what they were, how they worked, if it could spread. I think they were scared.
Annie: I know the feeling. Did it say anything about anesthetic in there?
Mitchell: Yeah. “Anesthetic ineffective.” How did you know?
Annie: They did it anyway. What did they do with them afterwards?

Annie: Are they still alive? If they burnt them?
Mitchell: I don’t know.
Annie: Well it doesn’t matter. Because the dead don’t feel pain.

Annie: Look, I have had ghost friends before. This one just happens to be in a dead body.
George: Oh, so you’re friends now, are you? Because you hated her last night.
Annie: Sh! This is not about whether I like her. This is about trying to do the right thing.
George: She is rotting! She smells like [off meat!]
Annie: Don’t be so deadist!
George: Excuse me?
Annie: It’s like racist but for dead people.
George: Have you just spent the whole night just making up words?
Annie: No, I have spent the whole night watching footage of screaming people being dissected!

Mitchell: She came back to life two weeks ago. All of them did, when I was on the other side.
Annie: Saving me.
Nina: So. Hang on, what are we saying? That Death’s Door was engaged?
Annie: Her spirit couldn’t pass over because of me.
Mitchell: We made her. We owe her, all of us do.

Mitchell: And how are you?
Annie: Me? Oh! You know me, always chipper. I never use the word “chipper”. I don’t know why I used it just then.

Sasha: … You’ve got to promise me you won’t let any of those chances pass you by.
Annie: I promise.
Sasha: But it all goes. It all falls away. The looks, money. Lovers, friends.
Annie: Not all your friends.
Sasha: No. Not all your friends. And the ones that are there at the end, they’re the real ones, aren’t they?
Annie: Yeah. Yeah.
Sasha: Thank you. For being my friend Annie.

Sasha: Live, Annie. Seize the day.
Annie: I will.

Annie: Are you okay?
Mitchell: No. No, I’m not. Listen, I need to… I need to tell you something. I’ve done such things, Annie. I’ve done such terrible, unforgivable things. And I need to tell you.
Annie: No you don’t.
Mitchell: I need to do this.
Annie: No, you don’t. Mitchell, listen. I know what you are. I’ve known since day one. All those things you’ve done, they’re in your past right? It’s who you are now that counts. And what you’ve done for me, for George, for all of us, that’s the man I know. That’s the man I trust. And… that’s the man I want.
Mitchell: Do you forgive me?

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Episode 4 : The Pack

Annie: How about that?
Mitchell: Annie.
Annie: Still nothing?
Mitchell: The questions aren’t really helping.
Annie: Maybe your jeans are too tight.
Mitchell: No! No no, the jeans are fine. Just go with the flow, you know?
Annie: Yeah. But who leads the flow?
Mitchell: No one. It’s a flow.
Annie: Roger.
Mitchell: You know what, can we just cuddle for a little bit?
Annie: Oh. god, am I doing it really really really wrong?
Mitchell: No. I just think we should take it in tiny steps.
Annie: Oh. Okay.

Annie: So, um, since you’ve been struggling with the whole… you know. I made a list. A sex list. Of all the things that we can try.
Mitchell: Oh yeah?
Annie: Yeah. Ahem.
One: heavy petting.
Mitchell: Heavy petting’s nice.
Annie: Good nice. Checks it off. Two: dirty talk.
Mitchell: Dirty talk?
Annie: “I’ve been such a bad girl. I’ve been so very naughty. I think that I need to be spa… ” “Need to be…” Can’t quite read my writing. Oh! Spanked! Er, “I need to be spanked.” And you say, “What have you done?”
Mitchell: Ah… What have you done?
Annie: Oh, bad bad things. Naked things in the mud. Fighting my lesbian twin and…. then I sit on… sit on… Daddy.
Mitchell: Sweet Jesus.

George: What are you doing?
Annie: Well.
Mitchell: Ventriloquism?
Annie: Ventriloquism.
George: Ventriloquism?
Annie: Yeah. Um… Gottle o’ geer. Gottle o’ geer. We’re not very good yet. We just started practicing.

Annie: Mitchell, why don’t you want George and Nina to know about us?
Mitchell: Me? I thought it was you.
Annie: Well why would I want to keep it secret?
Mitchell: I don’t know. I’m not exactly ideal boyfriend material, am I?
Annie: Mitchell, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted, and… oh, no, I’m not going to say it. You’ll think I’m stupid.
Mitchell: What?
Annie: Well I think this is meant to happen. I think we’re meant to be together. Like it’s fate.
Mitchell: Oh come on, Annie! That’s crap! Don’t believe in fate. Life’s about what you do, not some fucking— …I don’t mean us, I just mean… you need to make, you need to make things happen. Or not happen. You know?
Annie: Well whatever you want to call it, I think someone has plans for us.

Annie: Oh my god. Oh my god. You’re gonna be a dad! And you’re gonna be a mum! And we… we’re gonna be babysitters! George… oh my god, Nina! Congratulations!

George: Oh my god. I’m going to be a dad. I’m going to have to teach them how to play football…. and I’m going to have to learn how to play football.
Annie: Oh, you’re gonna be brilliant. You’ll be embarrassing and everything.

McNair: You know what I don’t understand? Is what a clean and kind girl like you is doing with a vampire.
Annie: How did you know?!
McNair: I see things. Live the life we do, pays to know who’s safe and who’s a threat.
Annie: Look. My first boyfriend took naked photos of me while I was asleep and put them on the internet. My second boyfriend got drunk and asked my mom for a threesome. My third boyfriend pushed me down the stairs and killed me. So I think a vampire’s pretty much marriage material given my track record.

Annie: You pull a girl. I hold her hand—or whatever. You feel her, and I feel you through her.
Mitchell: Oh my god, you’re not even joking.

Sadie: What do you think I’m here for, the conversation?
Annie: Oh. Clearly not.

Annie: Who are we kidding with this relationship? It’s… We can’t do anything that normal couples do. We can’t have children, we can’t have sex.
Mitchell: Thank god. That’s what sex is to me, it’s weapon. It’s never been about love. It’s never even been about lust. It’s just the blood. But we can have something better than that. Something pure. Oh… I’ve done so many bad things, Annie, my god. Maybe that’s why I don’t believe in fate. I’m tired of being manipulated. For nearly a hundred years I’ve been a slave to hunger. But with you, you give me a reason to take control back over my life. You give me a reason to start again.

Annie: He’s quite intense.

George: How come we didn’t tear each other apart?
Annie: Well, it was really quite sweet actually. I mean after the other wolves finished trying to kill Mitchell, George just kind of padded around you all protective. And then the other two stayed on the other side kind of wrestling around and marking their territory.

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Episode 5 : The Longest Day

Nina: You’re holding it upside down.
Annie: Oh, it’s sweet. Still there.
Nina: Yeah. Still there. I thought I lost it.
Annie: Oh, but you didn’t. Nina, you didn’t. It’s all right, it’s okay. It can survive a transformation. It… I hate calling it “it”. The baby. The baby can survive. Oh we’re going to have to have a treat tonight. Big tea, major pudding and just… happy times. Oo, and Jenga!

George: It’s the Jehovah’s, isn’t it? I knew I shouldn’t have been nice.
Annie: Social services, it’s gotta be. She looks knackered and she’s got terrible hair.

Mitchell: What, you think he’s all cured? He’s better now? He’s bluffing! Why can’t anyone see that?
Annie: That noise that he made. That noise, he was so scared. It was horrible. It was so… human.
Mitchell: But he’s not human. He’s far from it.
Annie: Well, couldn’t we just give him some clothes and some money and drive him somewhere and just set him free.
Mitchell: Oh yeah, that’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? That’s genius. Set him free. For fuck’s sake, Annie!
Annie: Don’t talk to me like that.
Mitchell: Well say something sensible then, Jesus!

Cara: Think you’re a proper princess you, looking down your nose at me. But I got something you daren’t even dream of.
Annie: What’s that?
Cara: A demon lover.
Annie: How’d it happen? You being made, I mean.
Cara: He came for me at night. After my shift. I locked up and took the rubbish out the back and there he was. He smiled at me and took me in his arms. He said I was his bride in glory. And the world was all sparkles and gold.
Annie: Hm. A knee-trembler by the bins. That’s enough to put stars in any girl’s eyes.
Cara: You wouldn’t understand.
Annie: Oh I don’t know. I think we got quite a lot in common. I loved my fiancé. Put my heart on a plate for him. And he killed me.

Annie: Poor Cara, huh? Having all that love thrown back in her face.
Mitchell: She killed and killed and killed. Don’t waste your time, Annie.
Annie: You felt the same. I saw the way you looked. And what did you want to talk to her about? What was so important that made you look like that? Mitchell!
Mitchell: What do you want from me?
Annie: Nothing! Don’t change the subject.
Mitchell: You want every little corner of me. But I just don’t want to give it.
Annie: Why are you being like this?
Mitchell: Oh come on! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. All the bright smiles and the chat. It doesn’t make up for what just isn’t there.
Annie: No. No, you came and got me. You saved me. You said that you loved me.
Mitchell: I was in love with the idea of being a hero…. a rescuer. Your savior. That’s what I was in love with, not you. It’s for the best. One day you’ll realize.

Herrick: She couldn’t see you. I can see you, those others they can see you. That idiot woman, she couldn’t. Why?
Annie: She’s not an idiot. She was nice.
Herrick: Nice? Who wants to be nice?
Annie: I do.
Herrick: Why? I mean nice isn’t really working for you, is it? You don’t really fit in. Nobody really listens. You’re a bit… peripheral. Like a regimental mascot.
Annie: I fit in just fine. And you are going to have to work a lot harder than that to get to me.
Herrick: Just tell me how you do it.
Annie: Guess.
Herrick: Give me a clue, little lady. Chuck me a bone. What are you?
Annie: What am I? On to you. Is what I am. I’m on to you. Little man.

Annie: Before you say anything I haven’t come in here to do the whole crying thing. And I’d rather not talk to you at all because you have been a five-star dickhead tonight, but y— What’s happened to your face?
Mitchell: George hit me.
Annie: Good. Good for George. Saves me the job.
Mitchell: It’s like being kicked by a bastard horse. And get this, right? He says if I stake Herrick he won’t be my friend anymore. I mean why is he allowed to forget and I can’t? Huh? Why him and not me? Oh, I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m so tired and I’m losing everything.
Annie: Yeah. Yeah, certainly looks like. {she grabs the stake} I’ll do it.
Mitchell: Do what?
Annie: Stake him. That’s what I came to tell you, that you were right about him. He is still who he is. So I will do it.
Mitchell: You’re not strong enough for him.
Annie: I think about what and who I love and I think about them in danger and I could tear this bloody house down with my teeth! You have no idea how strong I am.

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Episode 6 : Daddy Ghoul

Annie: Did you miss me?
Mitchell: Oh shit, Annie. You frightened me!
Annie: Well I’m a ghost. It’s my prerogative. So can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? … Me?
Mitchell: Coffee’d be great.
Annie: Oh.

Mitchell: I’m so sorry, George.
Annie: “Stop all the clocks. Cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone.” {awkward pause} “But know that you are not in this thing alone. There’s always a place in me, that you can call home. When you feel like we’re growing apart, let us just go back back… back… back… back, back to the start. You’ve got to fight—’
Mitchell: Okay then. Why don’t we give George and Nina some space.

Annie: What did I do?
Mitchell: Oh, it’s difficult to find the right words at times like this. Why not rely on those of the literary greats? Like Auden. And Cheryl Cole.
Annie: Did I? Did I punch him?
Mitchell: Yeah.

Annie: Who do you think would give them Mitchell’s name?
Nina: Well. Like she said, he’ll probably never find out.
Annie: It’s Mitchell we’re talking about. He’ll find out.

Mitchell: Annie, can we just forget about it?
Annie: Forget about it? Someone is trying to link you to the murder of twenty innocent people, Mitchell.
Mitchell: You heard what she said, it’s probably nothing.
Annie: And I might believe that, if you weren’t so shaken by it.
Mitchell: What? No I’m not.
Annie: I know you, Mitchell.

Mitchell: There was this girl—this vampire girl I sort of knew. Her name was Daisy. And she had this—
Annie: I see. Do you still have feelings for this girl?
Mitchell: No! No, it’s not that. You won’t understand.
Annie: Try me.
Mitchell: No matter what I think of her, of what she may or may not have done, talking to the police, it throw an unwelcome light onto our world. It’s a betrayal.
Annie: So you’d rather be punished for something you didn’t do?
Mitchell: They don’t suspect me!
Annie: How can you be so sure? Someone out there is trying to connect you to this. You have to go to the police, Mitchell.
Mitchell: We have a code. It’s not an honorable one, but we have to live by it, Annie. All right?
Annie: We?
Mitchell: Yeah.
Annie: The only “we” is you and me. And if you won’t protect yourself, I will.

DC Reed: This place’ll be the death of me.
Annie: Tell me about it, Reed. Tell me about it.

Annie: I need to help Nancy solve this case. Not just for your sake, for Lia’s too.

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Episode 7 : Though the Heavens Fall

Annie: Okay, look. What if it was me? Hm? Say I didn’t die and I got on that train and so did Daisy and I don’t know, that was my picture in that incident room, not Lia’s. What would you do?
Mitchell: I wouldn’t have known you.
Annie: Play my What If game.
Mitchell: I’d tear the world apart.
Annie: That’s the correct answer.

Cooper: Make this useful or quick. Your choice.
DC Reed: That name I pulled off the information line, John Mitchell? Yeah, I went to see him and he’s a bit nervy but he gave me another name. Daisy Hannigan Spitteri. Some ex-girlfriend of his.
Annie: You should write this down.
DC Reed: Apparently she told him she saw the Box Tunnel massacre firsthand. But the only Daisy Hannigan Spitteri I could find died in an air raid in 1941.
Annie: Yeah, see, this is where it gets complicated.

DC Reed: Whatever. I went back there and he’s got a scrapbook full of clippings.
Cooper: Clippings of what?
Annie: Clippings of what?
DC Reed: The Box Tunnel 20.
Annie: What?
Cooper: People are sick. Fact two. They watch documentaries about children with… an elbow for a face, or something.
Annie: A scrapbook, really?

Annie: I know what’s happening here. I know why he’s got the scrapbook. He was telling me about it this morning. He said that if there’s a big crime or something that vampires took care of it themselves. That must be what he’s doing! {relieved} Oh, god, he’s… he’s investigating this too! He knows it was Daisy, and he wants to bring her to justice just like we do! Phew! Thank god we cleared that up. Now. Nancy. We need to stay focused. Never mind what shouty man says, Mitchell can lead us to Daisy. And I know he’s worried about the repercussions, but there’s something bigger at stake here. Whoever did this—someone’s child, someone’s… someone’s lover. But we can’t think about that. There has to be justice. Whatever the cost.

Reed: John Mitchell. I’m coming to get you.
Annie: Yes! … Sort of.
Reed: Now I’m talking to myself.
Annie: No, you’re not, Nancy. It’s fine. You’re not. Really.

Annie: I know who killed the Box Tunnel 20. Mitchell told me.
George: He told you?
Nina: You’re kidding.
Annie: Daisy Hannigan Spitteri… or something.
George: What? She— Ah, sorry. Who?
Annie: She confessed to Mitchell, more or less. But it’s a bit complicated, ’cause she a vampire so Mitchell says that we have to, you know, tread carefully.
Nina: Was there any proof?
Annie: Uh. What d’you mean?
Nina: Well you know, what with that policewoman sniffing around. You know what they’re like. They find… stuff.
Annie: Yes! Well, no, yes. But, um, there was a scrapbook. With clippings of the murders in it.
Nina: And how did he explain that?
Annie: Well he has been investigating the case too.
Nina: The murders?
Annie: Yeah. Apparently that’s what vampires do if one of them goes bad. Or… badder. Yeah, so he’s looking for Daisy. He’s just trying to gather all the clues.
Nina: So he didn’t do it? I mean, really didn’t.
Annie: No. Oh my god. Nina. No.

DC Reed: John. Why do you have a scrapbook full of clippings of the Box Tunnel 20 if you have no connection to the crime?
Mitchell: I don’t know what you mean.
Annie: Tell her that you’re investigating the case too. We could all work together.

Annie: Mitchell, what are you doing?
Mitchell: What am I doing? What the hell do you think you’re doing, bringing that woman back here?
Annie: She thinks you’re the murderer. For god’s sake, just give her bloody Daisy.
Mitchell: What bit of this don’t you understand? I give her Daisy and everything ends.
Annie: But you get arrested and everything ends anyway.
Mitchell: I won’t allow that to happen.
Annie: What’s that supposed to mean?
Mitchell: I told you, I’ll deal with this. All right?

Cooper: I got the results on those prints.
Annie: What prints?
Cooper: I’ve been doing this job for sixteen years and I’ve never seen anything like this. C’mon. So, the guy you got these prints from, John Mitchell—
Annie: Woah woah woah. How did you get those?
Cooper: Tell me he’s about eighty-five or something.
DC Reed: Mid-twenties?
Cooper: Then I don’t know what is going on.

Cooper: So match one: Sheffield. Sally Fenzer. Severe head trauma. Body found by her flatmate.
DC Reed: Jesus, he’s done this before?
Cooper: Check the date.
Annie: We really shouldn’t be here.
DC Reed: Twenty-fourth of December… nineteen sixty?
Annie: He used to be a very very different person.

Cooper: You’ve been head hunted, Nancy, with an exciting new opportunity. Think of it as evolutionary promotion. {Annie stakes him from behind.}
Annie: She’s not interested.

Annie: I know.
Mitchell: What? Annie, I haven’t got time for this. There’s been an accident. You know what? {she shakes her head} How did you find out?
Annie: Nancy. And a vampire. Does that matter? Was Daisy even involved?
Mitchell: Yeah. But it was my idea.
Annie: Thank you. That’s probably the first honest thing you’ve said to me in months. You got me to love you. There was this… cancer between us and you let me fall in love with you.
Mitchell: Because I love you.
Annie: Oh. Because you love me. Do you have any idea how inadequate that sounds? And I killed a vampire. I’ve never even so much as swatted a fly and I rammed a stake into his back. It spreads, Mitchell! All you’ve done is contaminated us all!

Annie: You turn yourself in. Give those families that comfort.
Mitchell: I can’t, Annie. I can’t do that.
Annie: You helped us with Sasha and Adam. And you saved McNair and Tom so I know that there’s still good in you. I know that the man I love is still in there.
Mitchell: Everything will be torn apart. The entire world. They can’t know, they can’t.
Annie: That’s why I’ve decided I’m going to stay with you.
Mitchell: No. No no no no.
Annie: Okay. You needn’t be frightened, Mitchell. Whatever they do to you, wherever they take you, I’ll be with you. And you won’t be alone.
Mitchell: No, it’s not about fear or punishment. Jesus Christ! I want to be punished. But it can’t happen like this.
Annie: Mitchell they were people’s children. And you and Daisy. This has to stop, Mitchell, please. And this is how. {the police surround the house}
Mitchell: Annie, you need to get me out of here. You need to help me.
Annie: I asked you what you would do if it was me, and what you’d want for my killer. Please.
Mitchell: If they arrest me, I’m going to have to kill them all.
Annie: No. I don’t think you will. I think you want the killing to stop.
Mitchell: Why won’t you understand? We can’t be arrested!
Annie: Mitchell, please! If you love me—if you ever loved me—then you will do this.

Annie: Let this happen. For me. Please, Mitchell. Please no more killing.

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Episode 8 : The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Mitchell: Just Rentaghost into the corridor, get the keys and let me out. Without me there’s no proof.
Annie: I could get you a cup of tea. And a Kit-Kat if you want.
Mitchell: Oh, sh— Look. [] me this. They’re gonna move me to a maximum security station and that’s it. Guards and guns. Even you won’t be able to get me out.
Annie: Mitchell. I don’t know how to make this any clearer to you: I don’t want you to get out.

Mitchell: They’re gonna kill me, Annie. They’re gonna kill us all.
Annie: No, you don’t know that.
Mitchell: They’re frightened of us.
Annie: They should be.

Mitchell: I almost wanted it to happen. Just let fate take its course. I mean, my god! To be free of all this. But I thought it, so I could be with you. I didn’t conceal it out of cowardice, but because there was nothing—no punishment on Earth—worse than your disappointment.
Annie: Do you even know who you’re in love with?
Mitchell: What do you mean?
Annie: Maybe you were happy to see those people bury their mums and their dads and their children. With no sense of— no justice. Maybe you thought that we were worth it. What the hell made you think I would?

Annie: I should just let you rot in here alone, but I won’t. Things we do for love, eh? So that’s the deal. You give them justice. And you get me.
Mitchell: Yeah, but for how long? There’s a bullet out there with my name on it. So how long do I get you for anyway.

Now what?
Annie: It’s your door. It’s what happens next. I’ll… I’ll come with you.
I’m scared.
Annie: So am I.

Annie: Where are we?
Lia: Oh, sorry. The signal’s really weak. {she futzes with the set} We’re okay. Here we go. Oh, gosh. We’re too late. It’s starting.
Annie: I’ve been there. They have these— They’re like dog fights. What do we do?
Lia: We can’t do anything.
Annie: Well of course we can. I know where they are. We just have to go.
Lia: You don’t understand. The people who did this, they don’t… Well this is their endgame. This is how it happens.
Annie: No, the prophecy says he’s going to be killed by a werewolf. So where is it?
Lia: On his way, I guess.

Annie: George is the one who’s going to kill him.
Lia: I know! It’s actually going to happen. What are the chances? I mean these are werewolves we’re talking about, not Australian barmen. They’re really rare.
Annie: Stop this. Please.
Lia: I can’t.
Annie: I’m not going to just stand here and watch Mitchell be torn apart.
Lia: So sit.

Annie: Lia, what’s going on? You told me that I had to come straight here. That Mitchell was in danger.
Lia: Oh Annie. I made it up.
Annie: You made it up?
Lia: On the spot. I just wanted to screw with Mitchell’s head. “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet.”
Annie: But why?
Lia: Well, I wanted to drive a wedge between him and George and Nina. But instead of getting suspicious of them he got all worked up about the other two. Tom and… What was it? McIntyre? Macintosh? Well. Whatever. Oh Annie, you didn’t really believe it, did you? I can’t control people. I can’t see the future. You’ve been watching too much TV.
Annie: If there’s no prophecy, then why is this happening?
Lia: Well what you really need to worry about is the self-fulfilling prophecy. Annie. He made it come true. There really is a wolf-shaped bullet. That he carved his name on.

Annie: So if this is all just a lie, just a mind game, why did you get me over here?
Lia: Don’t get me wrong, I wanted him to suffer. And that’s where you come in. Keeping you here, depriving him of you, that’ll be his punishment.
Annie: Why didn’t you just keep me here when you had the chance?
Lia: He didn’t love you enough. It wouldn’t have hurt him enough.
Annie: I was the weapon.
Lia: Now she gets it.
Annie: What, now you’re just going to keep me here like a hostage?
Lia: Just give me a chance. I’ve got a lot of very commendable qualities. I’m chatty, but also a good listener.
Annie: This is all just one big game to you, isn’t it?
Lia: This wasn’t a game! This is revenge! He killed me. Let me tell you something about revenge. It isn’t petulant or being a sore loser. It’s righteous. A game? Fuck you. This is what needs to happen. Revenge is about setting the world straight again.
Annie: It didn’t work though, did it?
Lia: Well I’ve still got you and I’ve still got him grief-stricken without you.
Annie: I don’t know who that man is. But I doubt you’ll get much in the way of grief-stricken from him.

Annie: What the hell. I was going to spend eternity in a prison cell with Mitchell. I might as well spend it here with you. Besides, when Nina gets here I want her to see a friendly face.
Lia: You know, I think we’d be great friends, us three.
Annie: Yeah. Yeah. All the murdered girls. Besides we have to watch George.
Lia: George?
Annie: Yeah, on that. Talk about your parents’ grief. We have to watch George now that he’s lost Nina. Now that he’s lost the baby. Now that he’s lost me.
Lia: Oh, I don’t know if …
Annie: Oh, well I want you to watch, Lia. Watch him turn hard. Cold. Mean. They’re like your comrades, George and Nina. The last victims of the Box Tunnel 20 massacre.

Annie: Do you know what I think? I think you are way out of your depth. Don’t get me wrong, you are— You’re brutal. But I’ve been doing this supernatural stuff a long time now and trust me, grief and revenge are not things to get drunk on. You know I think you wanted wild and Biblical and rawr! But instead you just woke up somewhere unfamiliar with your underwear on back-to-front.
Lia: I wouldn’t know how to…
Annie: How to what?
Lia: How to undo this.
Annie: Let me go back. And let me see Nina.

Annie: Lia, come on, this isn’t you.
Lia: But if you go, then… well I won’t know anybody here.
Annie: This is not the way to make friends and influence people, trust me. Lia, they were going to have a baby. {She gets up and Lia goes in for a hug.}
Lia: Oh. I thought we were going to hug, but not-hugging would also work.
Annie: Yeah. Good.
Lia: Annie. Revenge kind of sucks. Who knew.
Annie: Gilbert! Somewhere here there’s a man called Gilbert. Find him. Tell him Annie sent you. He’s really nice.

Annie: “Neighbors describe Jason Healy as a loner with a short temper. But even they were surprised to discover he was perpetrator of the Box Tunnel Massacre.” Not half as surprised as he was, I bet. Do you think Herrick is behind this?
George: Well it’s what Mitchell says. Vampires take care of their own.
Annie:They’re aware. I mean, they’re invisible but they’ve got everything covered. They’re like… bacteria.

Annie: I can’t believe how quickly Nina’s recovered.
George: Yeah, well it’s the one advantage to being a werewolf I guess. You don’t survive shattered bones and major organ failure without toughening up a bit.
Annie: You sure you got the dates right? ‘Cause she is really starting to show.

Annie: Do you think we should try to find Mitchell?
George: I think we just have.

Annie: Mitchell, you do know we can’t go back to the way we were. You know, the four of us. Friends. Lovers. Making tea. You do understand that.
Nina: So what do you want?
Mitchell: I want George to kill me.
Annie: Look, Mitchell. There is no prophecy. Lia made it up.
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter. I’m going to kill again, we all know it. Because I have to. And because there’s a part of me that wants to. The vampire gene is stubborn. It finds a way to thrive. I need to be stopped in a way I can’t come back from.

George: Well I thought you’d be all for it.
Nina: Except I’m the one— I’m the one who’ll be expected to pick up the pieces of you afterwards.
Annie: He’s right about one thing. He will kill again.
George: Are we actually thinking about doing this? I mean he hasn’t attacked —
Annie: A bomb is still a bomb, even if it hasn’t gone off yet.
George: Right, yeah. But doing it now, with him like this. That’s murder.
Nina: So what do we do? We wait until he goes bad again?
Annie: I don’t understand. You were ready to kill him in the cage.
George: I thought Nina was dead.
Annie: So what? We just let him go? Hm? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know what to think.
George: Look, we’re not entirely sure that we don’t do anything. Anything. We, um, we exile him or something. We tell him it’s over, we can’t see him again. He’s dead to us. Deader.
Annie: Letting him go is still a decision. It might be the right decision but it definitely still a decision. And if we do, fine. But there will be consequences.
Nina: If he kills again—
Annie: —it is because we let him leave this house.

Mitchell: You were the love of my long life.
Annie: And you were the love of mine.
Mitchell: Thank you. All of you. You made me human. Let’s do this.

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