Clara Oswald

Series 9


The Magician’s Apprentice Ryan (Dasharn Anderson) dropping his gum in a bin: Will I get it back after school? Clara: How will you know which one’s yours? Clara: Right. Now where was I? Jane Austen. Amazing writer, a brilliant comic observer, and—strictly amongst ourselves—a phenomenal kisser. Clara: Everybody turn on their phones. News websites and Twitter. Hashtag: #planeshavestopped. Mr. Dunlop (Aaron…

Series 8


Deep Breath Jenny Flint: I don't understand. Who is he? Where's the Doctor? Clara: Right here. That's him. That's the Doctor. Madame Vastra: Well then. Here we go again. Clara: How do we change him back? Madame Vastra: Jenny. I will be in my chamber. Would you be kind enough to fetch my veil? Jenny:…

Series 7


The Bells of Saint John The Doctor: Hello? Clara Oswald: Ah, hello. I can't find the internet. The Doctor: Sorry? Clara: It's gone. The internet. Can't find it anywhere. Where is it? The Doctor: The internet? Clara: Yes, the internet. Why don't I have the internet? The Doctor: It's 1207! Clara: I've got half past…