Amy Pond

Series 7


Asylum of the Daleks First there were the Daleks. And then there was a man who fought them. And then in time he died. There are a few, of course, who believe this man somehow survived and that one day he will return. For both our sakes, dearest Hannah, we must hope these stories are…

Series 6


The Impossible Astronaut Amy: “At the personal intervention of the King, the unnamed doctor was incarcerated without trial in the Tower of London.” Rory: Okay, but it doesn't have to be him. Amy: “According to contemporary accounts, two nights later a magical sphere some twenty feet across was seen floating away from the tower, carrying…

Series 5


The Eleventh Hour Amelia Pond: Dear Santa, Thank you for the dolls and pencils and fish. It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you. But honest, it is an emergency. There's a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it's just an ordinary crack but I know it's not. Because at night there's…