Tom McNair

Series 5


The Trinity Hal: This isn't about rehabilitation anymore, this is vindictive. Tom McNair (Michael Socha): You stay in the chair until you're over the blood lust. {feeding him} Come on, it'll make you big and strong. Hal: I don't mean the chair. I implore you. Put a screen in front of me, give me a…

Series 4


Eve of the War Tom McNair (Michael Socha): Two weeks ago, a werewolf was killed. Nina. She was a friend of mine. The vampire that ordered it was called Griffin. You're going to tell me how to find him, aren't you? Tom: Is she a werewolf? George: She can see Annie. So probably. Tom: Oh…

Series 3


Episode 1 : Lia McNair: How did you know I was here? Tom: Spidey Sense, Dad. Wasn't your fault. McNair: Come on. There's more coming. Tom. Tom: Dad. I saw another one. There's another one of us. Episode 4 : The Pack 15 Years Ago McNair: Okay, you won't remember, but when you were small,…