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I never update this thing. I’ve been completely sucked into reality tv once again. This time it’s Manor House, Amazing Race (coming soon to a tv near you) and Eco Challenge Fiji.

Watching Manor House I was reminded of Gosford Park, a Robert Altman movie looking at the inner-workings of the upstairs/downstairs people. All the protocol and strict rules and regulations that go flying out the window when real life sets in, which is really what happened on Manor House. The upstairs family got snooty and the downstairs people got the short end of the stick and got pissed about it. Two scullery maids quit and there was a lot of complaining about the horrible conditions, which were pretty horrible. There were some standouts:

The Butler, Edgar, who I think the downstairs people ended up really respecting.

The footmen, Rob and Charlie, who, aside from being really friggin’ hot, seemed pretty classic. From interviews I’ve read afterward, it sounds like Antonia and those two hung out together a fair piece. Although I think that trio was formed based on a propensity to drink.

And Antonia ruled. She looked like she had a great time and really bonded with Msr. Dubiard, the cook. He was classic as well. My mom said he reminded her of Rowan Atkinson and I had to agree.

The greatest episode was the last one. The first standout piece was the home movies they shot. The family’s movie was of them sitting there trying to look regal. The downstairs movie was hilarious. Msr. Dubiard’s shadow chopping off Hall Boy Kenny’s head, Charlie and Rob locking Edgar in a cell, the housekeeper chasing down the maids. It was really funny.

The other nice bit was the final look at everyone changing from their manor clothes to their everyday clothes. It was really well done.