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May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul

That’s it. That’s the quote.

In the past few months I’ve had people ask me why I work on this site. And frankly I didn’t have an answer. Or at least a good answer. Because, to be honest, it’s a weird site. Quotes from TV shows? Weird. To have done it for over ten years? Weirder. And sort of sad for a grown woman I suppose.

So the goofy thing is, I was watching TV tonight and saw the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Random, yeah? But in watching it I realized that episode is where I started with quotes.

Because that is a really great quote. Not just for a TV show, but in general. Great quote.

Having said that, here is where I leave you.

Not the site. The site continues on in some form or another. I am actually redoing the entire thing in WordPress (which is sort of my business so it’s about damn time). So it’ll be the same content, but a different way of looking at it.

But my little rant is going away. It may never have been a popular destination for most visitors, but it was my happy little corner of the web where I got to ramble on about nothing. And everything.

And it has been my privilege to have met some amazing people through this space over the years. Like the woman from Virginia Beach who sent me a great collection of stuff from her hometown (that I still have and use daily — except for the ashtray which has a special place on my mantle). Or the soldier who was stationed overseas and would check in occasionally. Then there’s the absolutely lovely woman from California who came for the quotes and stayed for my randomness (we’re still Facebook friends). Can’t forget the rock star from Sweden who stumbled upon my post about Scandinavian candy and actually mailed me some (again, Facebook friends to this day).

And there’s been everyone else who has contacted or posted comments to me. I even love the abusive ones. It’s been amazing.

I may still post rants on the new site — haven’t decided. And I may keep some of my favorite stories alive in some form. The Butter Story is one I just won’t let die. But it’ll be harder to do.

So this is my goodbye and a profound thank you to everyone who has ever stumbled across my rants and decided to stay for a bit.