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With the Super Bowl on last night of course I was up late again. So I’m ready to fall over tired.

The ads were all pretty mediocre. And the spectacle of it all was terrifying. An opening show with Santana and Michelle Branch and that song I hate came first. There were all these dancers on the field and sparks and stuff. And the game wasn’t exactly great either. In the middle of the first half, Brian asked who the half-time show was. I said I had no clue, probably Jennifer Lopez or the solo Backstreet Boy. Alan proclaims that if it’s Bon Jovi he’s going to throw the TV out the window. Game over. “They’re in everything. God!” Which is true. Lucky for Alan, it was Sting and No Doubt and some freaky punked-out cheerleaders.

Toward the end of the game, Alan and Brian have segued into a discussion on something I had no intention of getting into, so I just focused on the game. Sure enough, they show a preview of the after-game show and there they are, larger than life and rockin’ out: Bon Jovi. Which made me start laughing hysterically. The guys look at me like I’m nuts, then they notice the TV. I thought it was funny. Alan promised not to throw anything out the window, thankfully.

Here’s a list of the ads ranked by popularity. It’s from USA Today, but what are you going to do? Okay, this is better.