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So the next Presidential election looms and we’re in the thick of the primaries. I’ve sort of accepted that there’s a good chance my team’s not going to win this one. And I’m okay with that. It’s how these things work.

But I must admit the GOP primaries have me worried. Although not for the reason(s) you might think. See, I would prefer that this country not elect a president who kinda seems like a douche. And Gingrich kinda seems like a douche.

I may not have liked GW as president, but I would have at least grabbed a beer with him. I may not like Romney’s politics (although I have no problem with his private equity past–some of my favorite people work for and/or run private equity firms), but I wouldn’t classify him as a douche. Gingrich? Can’t so much say the same.

I think it’s the same way I’d feel if I lived in Italy. I wouldn’t have liked Berlusconi as PM on the same principle.