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I am currently off-world. Or off-planet. One of the two. Maybe both. Maybe neither. What’s it to you?

I’m also tired and a little punchy. Clearly.

Anyway I am visiting my folks (one-half of my folks) in a far off and distant land known as “Wisconsin”. It’s a mysterious place, full of cows and cranberries and governors who hate unions. Which means it’s a less friendly place than it once was. Even the cows have gotten surly. And the cranberries are (wait for it) sour.

But my folks are still awesome.

Random story: So unlike many Doctor Who fans I never really watched the original series. I tried. When I was little it would be on during the weekends and so I would watch it at my dad’s house. Except they always ended with a cliffhanger–and a scary one at that–so I would have to wait until the next weekend to watch it.

Slight problem: the next weekend I was at my mom’s and as a general rule she wasn’t big on me watching TV (that turned out well). Which meant I always got the scary cliffhanger and no happy ending. So I remembered not really liking the show or watching it much because of that.

But as I was talking to my folks tonight the subject of Doctor Who came up and they both remembered me watching it every weekend I was there. And as I sort of related my reasons for not getting into it (scary cliffhanger) my step-mom reminded me that I must have liked it well enough since we had the Doctor Who board game.

Totally forgot about the Doctor Who board game.

Perhaps because it was sort of dull. My dad remembers it as kind of like Monopoly–a game that takes so long to play out that halfway through you get bored and go play tiddly-winks. But I can’t help wishing they still had it because I would so be stealing the little game pieces right now.