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I find it slightly ironic that since I started building websites almost exclusively in WordPress I’ve pretty much abandoned my little corner in here. Well not ironic so much as true to form. Once this site starts feeling too much like my work I tend to lose interest.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to write lately. Such potential topics have included, “Shark Week: I Just Don’t Get It” and “News Corps Hacking Scandal: Kinda Our Fault.” Then there’s that old chestnut, “Politics: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Potential Shutdown.”

But like so many of my rants, by the time I get around to writing them they’re already old news. And I’m behind on so many current events in the world, I at least like to pretend I’m somewhat up-to-date in here. It is my planet, after all.

I did have a bit of a weird week anyway. Whenever we have a storm, my power goes out. Last week it was for an hour and a half. This week it was for a day.

Woah! Holy shit. Time out. Sorry. Tangent.

I bought some Vitamin Waters today in an attempt to cut down on the ungodly amount of pop I drink. And I just took a sip and my dear god is this the worst tasting crap ever. It’s like… oo! Like, you know how when you’re a kid and a friend of yours has a birthday party at McDonalds and they bring out that huge thing of weird orange drink that tastes watered down and looks radioactive? It’s kind of like that. Except worse.

And I took a huge swig and that was just clearly not a good decision in hindsight. I gotta go… do something to get this… Aw man, it has an aftertaste. Good Lord.

You know, this is my fault. When Vitamin Water first came out and they product-placed the hell out of it in every stupid TV show and movie and the ads were everywhere all I could think was, “Probably tastes like crap and I’m not buying anything that is that blatantly targeted at me.” And my resolve held strong. Until today, apparently.

Oh wow is that horrible.

Oh and it’s got stupid ad copy on it too! Great. I hate when they do that. You know, the kind–it tries to be clever but you just end up wondering if the person who wrote it now hates themselves for putting such crap out into the world.

Wow. That is terrible. On several levels, clearly. And now I’ve completely lost the original plot. Wasn’t that good anyway. I’ll just put this out of its misery.