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Okay, let’s play a game! Oh, it’ll be fun.

No really, it will. This game is entitled You Know This Week is Going to be a Strange One When….

I’ll go first:  “You know this week is going to be a strange one when…

…a middle-aged housewife starts sending you photos of her in various states of undress.

Yahtzee! Game over. Because I totally won the hell out of that.

That’s right, once again someone has used my relatively awesome Gmail address for questionable online activities. This time it’s a guy which is different. My first thought was that this was either odd spam or someone maliciously posting my email address, but neither seem to be the case. Other Claires get more email than I do at that account. And I traced the IP back and it’s definitely not spam.

Now you may think it unlikely that some guy is mistakenly using my rather feminine email address as his own, but I have proof otherwise: you see for the past six months I have been getting iTunes store receipts for a Steve. Receipts with my email address and his home address. Oddly enough, he lives in my state.

So if this guy is now posting my email on… I’ll be kind and call it a Lonely Hearts website… and I keep getting freaky-ass photos from old chicks. Well, then, just you wait because… I mean I’m totally gonna…

Yeah, I probably won’t do anything. But dude, double-fucking-check your email address before using it to hook up online.

Or even more to the point? Make sure you’re emailing your intended recipient before sending photos.