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Okay, for the record I may not have posted every day this week but I did donate. Work got too hectic and I just didn’t have the time to write in here. So I decided I would go the presidential route.

Red Cross : ’cause you should listen the the First Lady
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund : ’cause it makes me laugh

Not the fund, mind you. I think that’s awesome. What makes me laugh (and not in my usual, cynical way) is the whole phenomenon of the ex-Presidents club. It’s like this super elite group of dudes–some who have joined before they would have liked and some who wouldn’t have minded joining a few years earlier–who have been through something so draining that they just don’t sweat any of the petty crap anymore. Like at a certain point they just went, “Fuck it. I did my time and I’m not bound to the everyday bullshit of partisan politics anymore.”

True? Probably not. But ex-Presidents always seem to have this calmness about them that is alternately comforting and eerie as hell. And there’s something oddly enticing about seeing a Clinton and a Bush side-by-side, working together.

So that’s why I gave them money. Because the whole thing makes me giggle.