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You those annoying people who go around telling everyone they know some theory they have and how everyone should “just wait” and it’ll happen? And then run around wildly gloating when it does?

Totally me. I’ll own that.

Because for the last year or so I have been just waiting for some dumbass politician to post something that will immediately cause back-peddling. And on top of that, I claimed that the first one would be something related to President Obama and race.

And as soon as I heard that some were tweeting from the senate floor–

Which? Seriously? Did their parents not teach them basic manners?

–I knew it was only a matter of time…

Ding ding ding! Senate Candidate Mike Parry c’mon down! You’re two for two.

And although I didn’t predict he’d be from my state, what with our current trend toward electing conservative douchebags I really should have.

Okay, so here’s what I’m unclear on.

And I’m going to pass down the ranks a level because I would imagine the majority of politicians are not exactly internet savvy.

Pretend you’re an advisor. They say to you, “Jim Bob! My kid’s got this tweeting thing and I gots to get me some younger voters. Get me one of them.” Do you:

a) give your boss the tools to send unedited, unscreened and poorly-worded messages out to the world

b) give your boss permission to call you at anytime so you can compose their tweets and make sure they read as intelligent, level-headed and sober

c) give your boss a Hello Kitty plastic phone and explain that it’s the easiest way to send messages: Just yell into Kitty’s ear and it’ll post

Oh well. Anyone that doesn’t realize by now that what gets posted online stays online really shouldn’t be posting things online.