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“It’s getting dark a little too early.”

Blech. I hate that it’s already getting dark. Survivor’s on tonight. I had no idea Alan was such a reality TV junkie. I have to get out of here at a decent hour. Which is rather difficult. Quick commute. Minnesota traffic is perhaps the most wrongest thing with this state. No viable mass transit system to speak of and just complete gridlock on the freeways.

And now they have Light Rail Transit on its way, which runs from the airport into downtown. So if you want to go to anywhere close to the track, you’re all set.

It’s one friggin track. And I’m trying to figure out the logistics, right? This thing is supposed to be fast, but does it stop a lot? And in theory there’s only one train per track, so that’s transiting a pretty limited number of people.

The final thing that makes me nervous about how it will work is that Gov. Ventura was its champion, and that guy has some wrong-headed notions.

Luckily, Action Jesus has weathered the storm unscathed. He’s been blessing my keyboard for the past few days.