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I finally have definitive, first-hand proof that Wikipedia references aren’t to be trusted. Because they’re using my site for footnote refs. Right. I don’t even trust my information. I’d hate to think other people were relying on it.

Actually it is pretty accurate. And I know this because anything that is wrong gets pointed out in rude, condescending emails from FLW enthusiasts who really need to get out more.

So to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence (which, like so many other holiday, didn’t happen on the day it’s celebrated) I went shopping. (I don’t know. It’s what my TV told me to do.) But that’s not the point. The point is that as I was heading into Dayton’s I hit my little toe weird inside my shoe and my toenail ripped off.

I know!

It didn’t hurt or anything and I managed to wander through stores just fine. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have a half-ripped off little toe toenail. And if I have to suffer you have to suffer hearing about it. Since my usual M.O. is to pick and pick at things like ripped nails until something really painful happens, I now have it wrapped in like eight bandaids. Because I really am not to be trusted.