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Okay, point one: fucking Warner Bros. shut down my Gossip Girl store. Because apparently the sales of non-official merch threaten their evil empire. My only hope is that those bastards sell a hell of a lot less Constance Billard items because I saturated the market with my far cooler logos.

They ran over that singing frog, you know. Killed him dead. Why? Because it wasn’t making enough money for them anymore. Hand to god. Ran the poor guy down with a truck.

Point two: I am completely excited about this new show coming up. It’s a reality show (I know, I know) and it follows the daily life of a single mom and her little girl. With occasional appearances by the father and like various friends and relatives and stuff. I think the focus is mainly on the little girl, but I can’t quite tell. It looks like you follow her to school and latchkey. There’s some sad stuff in there. Apparently the dad is perpetually late. So there are scenes of her trying not to cry when she’s the last kid waiting to be picked up.

Anyway, I think it sounds cool and really interesting. Nearly as interesting, in fact, as following around eight kids or twelve kids or 20 kids or whoever else is popping them out in a hurry hoping to get their 15 minutes.

Seriously. Who the fuck watches this shit? I have no clue why I am supposed to care about watching some family outing. Will the twins get in a fight? Will someone drop their ice cream? I’m sick of this shit. Why are we rewarding these people for constantly breeding? How about Jon and Kate + a Vasectomy? 18 and Low Sperm Counting? Why not do something useful for all of humanity for a change.

It’s just as bad as those fake ass Housewives of Whatever Sleaze Hole Bravo found them in.

And don’t get me started on the Hills or any of the other shows of the like. These overindulged idiot kids DO NOT NEED THEIR EGOS FED. They need their asses kicked. Might not help take them down a peg (usually doesn’t) but it would make me feel a hell of a lot better.