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Well that’s weird.

After watching the season finale of Fringe.

And. Okay. Sidetrack. I love this show. It’s grown on me hugely over the first season and I am so happy it’s coming back. But I hate it when shows list everyone in the opening credits that will be in the episode. So of course when Leonard Nimoy’s name popped up and he hadn’t shown up with a few minutes to go it’s like, “Okay. He’s William Bell.” But then to put him in silhouette initially like it’s a big mystery seems pointless. There’s no shock and/or awe there. Totally killed what could have been a “No way! Is that— Doesn’t that sound like?” moment.

Oh, and best line of the night (and I paraphrase):

Walter: We’re trying to plug a whole in the universe. What are you doing here?

I love Walter.

ANYWAY. So with nothing else to watch and work to be done I was flipping channels and came across Cupid. Which, while I watched the original, it got old fast because every week it’s the same damn thing. This pointless back and forth with a couple destined to be together. And frankly the writing isn’t strong enough to make you want to sit through it. So I think I understood why it got cancelled.

But I was flipping channels, as I mentioned, and I noticed the title of the episode was “Left of the Dial” which of course perked up my ears, since, hi, Replacements song. So I decided to watch. And five minutes into watching it? An Uncle Tupelo reference.

Now I’m not saying these band are obscure by any means, I’m just thinking someone on the show has my taste in music. So I approve of that. Now if they were to actually play any of these songs…