There’s no crying and politics.


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Where to begin.

Ventura appointed Dean Barkley to replace Wellstone until election results are official. Which is actually quite cool. Barkley and Wellstone were friends, if I recall. When they were running against each other in the last senate election they would carpool to debates together. And Barkley seems like a pretty Wellstone-ish guy.

And now Mondale will run in Wellstone’s place. Random story: when I was in… first grade? The year Mondale ran for president anyway. We had to draw a portrait of one of the candidates. I opted to draw Geraldine Ferraro instead.

So yesterday my mom’s cat, who we’ve had for 16-1/2 years, wasn’t doing well. They took her into the vet and she was diagnosed with liver disease. She was severely dehydrated and shaky. So they kept her overnight.

My mom called me this morning at 8 am to let me know that Cinnamon wasn’t getting better and it looked like she had cancer as well, so they euthanized her.

I’m not a cat person (complete lie), but when a being is in your life for 16 years, they become special to you. Mom was shaken up. Cinnamon was part of out family.

So that sucks.