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Tell me you missed me. Tell me you still love me.

Okay, you don’t really have to.

I’ve been working just a crazy number of hours lately. To the point that almost everything else has fallen into disrepair. Including my poor little planet. I feel guilty.

And just to add to the fun, one of my clients will be performing at Madison Square Garden in May. So getting everything organized and coordinated for that has been quite the task.

But dude, how cool is that? The Garden. I’d go if I could afford airfare. Or had time. Because a backstage pass? Would be way cool.

In other news, my initial love for Shannel on RuPaul’s Drag Race fell right off the scale. What a completely deluded shrew. Ru, on the other hand, is my new heroine. And Nina and Bebe are awesome. Loved the finale, adored the reunion. I miss that show already. Bring on season two! As long as Merle and Santino are back as well.

So aside from concerts and drag queens and work, that’s really all I got. But I’m sure I’ll stir up some trouble shortly. Or at the very least, concoct a story about it.