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Ah, Minnesota. How I love you. But you make it so hard some days.

It is so flippin’ cold this week. I’ve been trying to stay inside all day every day. Today it was around -10 for most of the day and that’s probably been the warmest day all week. It’s a sad state of affairs when “above zero” is sounding warm.

I actually contemplated canceling an appointment I had today on the grounds that is was too cold out. Which is rather pathetic considering most of the population ventured out to work and school today. So I decided I really had no grounds for canceling.

Failing that, I tried to convince my brain that I couldn’t go because I had come down with something—cold, sinus infection… broken leg, dislocated shoulder, Black Plague…. But my brain quickly saw through my ill-conceived ruse.

Stupid brain.

I survived the trip outdoors in case you were worried. No essential body parts stuck to anything metal. No extremities fell off. So that’s good.