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Random story:

Ryan Adams apparently was so pissed at a heckler that called for Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69 that he jumped off stage, found the guy, gave him $30 and told him to get out of the theatre (Ryman). Then finished the show. Which is pretty much whatever since Ryan’s notorious for pulling drama queen moments since Whiskeytown.

What’s so funny is that everybody is writing articles about it. Like it’s some scandal. I’m on the Whiskeytown Yahoo board, which I’ll admit is pretty lame (I don’t post) and about 6 articles have been posted regarding the brouhaha.

An article even appeared on Fark, with the unsurprising accompanying reader comments:

Ryan who? Alt-country what?
He sucks. Country sucks.
Ryan Adams is perhaps the greatest singer/songwriter out there today.
No really, he’s good.