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President Obama.

Man, does that feel nice.

There are fireworks going off, people shouting out in the streets and random people running up and giving hugs out. It’s a good day.

I got home and flipped channels, mistakenly landing on Flocks News (sheep!) and they are sucking on a whole vine of sour grapes. I could only watch for a minute or so. They were calling Obama’s acceptance speech arrogant.

Listen, assholes, he won. Suck it up, shake it off, and realize that you don’t speak for the majority of America.


So are the rest of that lot. Freepers. Drudge Report fanatics. O’Reilly supporters. They’re all scrambling to paint this picture of the end of the world. What a useless bunch. And boy, spelling is not their friend.


I almost wish I was still working at my old office. All those fundies will be so sad-faced tomorrow. And the lot of them seem to fear anyone who is not white so I can imagine it’s a double whammy. A black president! Terror! Fear!


For the time being I’m going to ignore the fact that Bachmann and Coleman won. Sometimes I wonder about this state. We elected Wellstone, for fuck’s sake. TWICE. What the hell happened?

I’m sweary tonight, aren’t I?

Well I’m sweary all the time, I just tend to keep it out of my rants.