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I couldn’t find a book. So I’ve been writing and rewriting a rant for like an hour.

It’s about religion, which is why it’s taking so long.

I’ll skip posting it. I’m bored with it already.

Long story short: Christianity is an awesome thing. A lot of people professing to be Christians are not.

It was prompted by my watching of a documentary on a Hell House.

And although my personal belief of heaven and hell means I don’t think this will ever happen, I would love to think that a lot of these people will eventually meet God. Who will just say, “Dude, you totally missed my point. Why all the hate?”

Anyway, watching this little indoctrination into Christianity (“Don’t be a fag!” “Take drugs and you’ll get raped!” ” Abortion pills will kill you!” “God will hate you!”) reminded me of a snippet from childhood. Claire, aged 13:

I got a subscription to a Christian girl’s magazine (from a well-meaning neighbor who would always gave us rhubarb pie with rhubarb from her garden so I can NEVER say anything bad about her ever. Have you had fresh rhubarb pie?). And there was a comic in the back.

In the particular one I remember (quite vividly all these years later) there were two girls on the beach. One, a good Christian, and one, a not-so-good Christian with a haughty attitude. And Miss Haughty had a new two piece bathing suit. Which she was very snotty about. Until she started getting cat calls from some boys on the beach. And getting harassed.

So the comic ended with the haughty girl distraught over her treatment and Miss Upstanding Girl telling her that’s what she got for wearing a sexy swimsuit.

And that was my first taste of fundamentalist Christians.

It only got worse.

And I was totally going to cap this off by posting my step mom’s rhubarb jam recipe (secret: lots and lots of sugar) but I can’t find it. Dang.

Oh, and I tried putting bunny ears on Ramona. She got mad at me and is sulking in my room now.