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About a week ago, my router went haywire and it took a complete reset to get my internet up and running again. Of course I had completely forgotten how I set it up in the first place so even though I thought I was doing it right, every time I tried to restrict access to my computers only it wouldn’t work. Frustrating, but I finally decided I would just be happy my internet was up and running and so I sort of forgot about it.

Fast forward to a week ago, when Comcast suddenly got mad at me and shut down port 25 for outgoing email because of spam. Now, running a Mac and not being a spammer, I just thought Comcast was being Comcast. Then last night my internet was completely bogged down and I finally put it all together: someone was on my wireless connection.

Bastards. So I dumped them off through the admin but that didn’t really solve my problem. I then spent another half hour trying, once again, to restrict access. Still couldn’t do it. I felt like an idiot.

And then this afternoon I got home and my internet was even more slow. Just crawling along. So I sucked it up, tried the same damn thing I had been trying last night, and IT WORKED.

Thank god. I can not stand people stealing my bandwidth. Even if it was only for a week or so. Bastards.