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So I know I’ve mentioned my new favorite TV show, Life, at least once or twice. And have hopefully convinced several people to watch it (like… okay, my mom).

But I have yet to mention how brilliant the music person on there is. Where else can you get episodes with Camper, X, Morphine (aw… Sandman), Ladytron, Spoon…

Just a tremendous collection of old and new stuff that makes anything The O.C. did look like Top 40.

I’m am currently dying of heatstroke. I wouldn’t be, but my tremendous fear of bugs makes me close the windows at night. So right now it’s gotta be 80 in here.

I will be one happy camper in a few months. I won’t deny that. Twenty below is nothing to trifle with.

In other news: This election just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I can not wait for election day. Between backwards B self-mutilation, Joe the Tax Dodging Plumber and Palin with her $250,000 dollar wardrobe this is certainly the weirdest one I’ve been around for.

Oh, and on a more personal note: my mom is one of those people (on both sides of this election) that had a political sign stolen from her front yard just a few days after she put it out there.

She got a new one (she works a block away from the local Obama headquarters) but it definitely didn’t go unnoticed in her neighborhood. Five people have since put up Obama signs in their yard. Go Mom!