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I would love to chat about politics but am trying to refrain from doing so (unsuccessfully apparently). The Republican ticket seems to be tanking any shred of credibility. Whether or not they get elected (and I fear they will be—and have felt that way for many months) I have a really sinking feeling about the whole shebang.

Whenever anyone says, “Oh hey, Palin may not be my cup of tea, but she’s so well spoken!” I don’t get it. She seems sort of… over-scripted. And I can’t accurately describe my feelings about her when friends ask my opinion. All I can muster up is, “She’s hairspray”.

And I don’t even know what that means. But she’s hairspray to me.

In other news: I was driving home and heard on the radio some familiar twangs, as it were, and thought, “No way. They’re not playing… .”

No Depression. Uncle Tupelo.

In other other news, regular rant readers may or may not know that I have wished serious ill will on my old company. And for so many reasons. You think you have horror stories about past employers? You have no fucking clue. But I drove past it today and their building (a testament to overblown egos) is for sale.

Anyway, I didn’t actually think anything bad would happen to my old company. But I am so secretly happy they’re tanking. Those assholes are getting karma shoved up their ass. They’re shallow tacky hypocrites.

When a 15 year old girl can suss you out as assholes, you have problems (although, to my detriment, I worked for them 12 years after I figured out their bullshit).