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1. I’m watching Clear and Present Danger. I love this movie.

2. I used to have some incredibly beautiful scars running up and down my legs. A legacy of playground dust-ups childhood mayhem. I thought scars stuck around for life. But they’re all gone. The only ones I have left are around my eye: one from a rather unfortunate collision with the rear wheels of a semi truck (seconds earlier and my car would have gone under it, most likely killing both me and my best friend), and one from a bad trip on office carpeting that split open a large portion of skin above my eye. But that’s it. Terribly dull, those.

3. I have finally decided to face reality. Death Cab for Claire is apparently no longer in this world.

It went missing a few months ago. I figured it was still stalking me and hiding out someplace, ready to pop up and freak me out (as it has done numerous times over the years). But no. And am surprised to admit I miss Death Cab.

And so I did a quick search for pages that I mentioned Death Cab for Claire in, and some chick is using that for a lameass blog name that has been active for like a year. Nice try, but that’s mine. And just for grumpiness, I’m grabbing the domain name.