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I went out to dinner with moms tonight. She was craving a burger so we went to some chain that was supposed to have good burgers. And they did. But that’s neither here nor there.

When we were done eating, we got up to leave and for some reason I stepped wrong on my shoe, tried to recover, couldn’t, tried again to recover, couldn’t, and fell straight down onto the floor.

Completely mortifying.

At first my pride was mainly hurting (who the hell falls down in the middle of a stupid restaurant?) but now both my knees (which are what smacked the floor when I went down) and my jacked up foot have taken precedence and hurt a hell of a lot more than my dignity.

And the impact has made my entire body all pissed off at me. And although my first instinct is to gimp along without bending my knees much (which now both sport huge lumps) I know that will only prolong my whining. And no one wants that.