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You know, in the beginning I thought “Hm. Big misstep choosing Palin.” Because I think it was.

And as a sidenote? Bristol. Willow. Piper. You fail at naming your kids. Yuck.

I digress. I first thought it was a misstep. Now I think it was distasterous. If that moron-and-a-half gets elected with his lameass runningmate I’m out of this place. What a big tub of losers.

I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.

And HOW DARE they pretend to be pro-woman. Worthless pack of assholes.

You know what? You want four more fucking years of pathetic leadership? Sure. Elect McCain. He’s done nothing and will do nothing.

I respect the fact that he was a POW. I do. My god, anyone willing to serve their country is just… beyond amazing.

But you know what? Not the only veteran out there. Stop flashing that as your calling card. In my limited experience people who served in the military don’t constantly bring it up.


Oh I am so angry. Fucking bastards.

McCain is NOT a reformer. He’s the same old crap we’ve had for way too long. Worthless. And Palin is TACKY. Tacky and transparent.

Screw it. I’m heading over to St. Paul to bust some heads.