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So. Right. I get that Comcast is the Evil Empire. No, totally. I’m there. I get it.

But I am apparently the one person in the world who has never had an issue with them. If I knew nothing about their record I would tell you that they’re all a bunch of saints.

Take today. I called because I am finally—FINALLY!—done with my DVR box. I’ve been suffering through stilted TV for too long.

Of course now it’s fine, which is annoying. But hopefully it’ll go bad before the tech dude shows up.

So I got a woman who seemed sort of by-the-book, “Here’s what you should try” “This is how some people fix their DVR”.

Twenty minutes later and she’s telling about her entire life. She was completely awesome. And apologized like eight times for how long I had to wait to get a person on the line.

So you know what? I love Comcast.