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As much as I adore my web hosting company, their spam filter… not so great. Or perhaps it could be, but it tends to block emails that are legitimate so I don’t really use it. And because of this I get a ton of spam every day to sort through.

And I can’t help but notice the natural ebb and flow of spam. It’s like the tides of the seas…

No, there is one. A certain style of subject will become really popular for a few days or weeks and then gradually disappear, never to be received again. I have no idea why this is. Maybe that specific spammer was taken out and shot for crimes against humanity. It’s entirely plausible.

But to me the most amusing spam ebb and flow is that of male enhancement.In the last few months in particular it went from photos of pills to sex-ay bedroom shots of couples to full-on before-and-after genitalia.

But the latest one has left me the most amused—a rather crude drawing of the now ubiquitous before-and-after shot.

It just cracks me up to imagine some guy thinking, “Geez, my spam messages seem stale and lifeless lately. What should I add? Wait, I’ll draw something!”

I mean pictures are easy enough to grab off of the internet. But to take the time to sit down and draw this little gem takes some planning. Did he do some rough sketches before the final piece? Some studies? Was there a model involved? And did he (as the quality would suggest) use MacPaint?