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A few thoughts before I start my day:

1. Contacts are just a weird thing. Sticking flimsy pieces of… what, plastic? Some sort of odd material. Anyway it’s completely weird that sticking teeny circles of whatever into my eyes makes me see better.

2. Ramona’s getting old. I’m not sure I appreciated that fact until today when she seemed to have trouble getting up. I will completely lose my shit when she dies. I lie quite frequently when someone asks about her: “Whatever, she’s just a cat.” Truth is, I am completely devoted to her. You don’t spoon feed a cat for 4 weeks without developing some kind of emotional attachment.

3. John Barrowman is not supposed to exist. That level of attractive is just wrong. He is currently the only person to have two pages devoted to him on my site (for Doctor Who and Torchwood). He is just so damn pretty.

4. I don’t really have a four, but I’m going off the grid for the day. But in other news, I’m considering a visit to California to see an old boss.