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Two random thoughts.

Woah. I did something to Blogger and it’s all wacky. Hm.

Anyway. I was driving home from shopping today and flashed to a scene from shop class in seventh grade (woodworking shop… I still have these bowls I made on the lathe).

Pretty skinny popular girl: Oh my god, did you get your hair cut?
Me (flattered she noticed): Oh my god, I did!
PSPG: It’s totally uneven.
Me: Oh.

I flashed on this mainly because I cut off my hair last night and can’t decide if it’s completely and obviously uneven (it is) or if it’s got some sort of hipster DIY aesthetic thing going for it (it probably doesn’t).

Actually I know it doesn’t. And that’s okay. 

And PSPG is fat now.

And that’s okay.