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Tips for Keeping Down Food (by Claire):

1. Do not watch 28 Days Later. While eating.

2. Do not watch any medical show, in particular one where they show a gunshot wound to the head. While eating.

3. Do not watch The HIlls. While eating.

4. Do not watch—

Actually, I just wouldn’t recommend watching The Hills period. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have much interest in watching any show that follows people around whose only skill in life is being born and/or marrying into money. Because that generally does not equate to interesting. Or literate.

And this is coming from someone who’ll watch pretty much anything. I watched Paradise Hotel, for gods sake. But I can’t sit through more than a few minutes of the stilted, forced “banter” without squirming uncomfortably and reaching for a rusty fork to jam into my foot.

Which is something else that I probably wouldn’t want to watch while eating. But it’s still a far sight preferable to The Hills.