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Well I can’t say this year hasn’t been interesting so far. Mine has been a step forward here and there followed by a giant leap back. Which is, believe me, an odd way to live. But no more. I need to refocus my life.

So I’ve decided to quit my part time job. I started it thinking I would be working only a few hours a day and it turned into something completely different. I am grateful for it. I got some great clients and met some amazing people.

But I will always hold a very special place in my heart for the crazies. Take, for instance, the guy today who came in for a business card. So: typical questions. What do you want it to say? Do you want an special ink colors? Do you want any images on it? And the guy was like, No, it needs to be really simple because it’s for an escort service and if any of the ladies are picked up I don’t want it to be obvious that’s what it’s for.

I love that! So I was like, okay how about… a cat? No. He didn’t like that. (Too obvious?). A Mack truck? No. A… butterfly? No.

He finally just settled on text, in case you’re wondering.

I will miss the randoms so much. They were like these zany little spots in the day that just made you step back and smile. Most of them, anyway.