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I have been feeling once again neglectful of my little rant and since I couldn’t think of anything to write about I thought I would migrate in another month of rants. And I came across this gem:

Another dream I don’t care to analyze: I dreamt the other night that I was pregnant with a demon child. Except the weight was measured in gigabytes, not pounds. I was avoiding the demon who showed up to help deliver it, but he finally caught me. He was nice, and reminded me that the last time the other demon midwife stayed with me for a week to help me heal since the birth was so painful.

On top of that, there were these little demons wandering around with plates of cigarettes for sale.

And it took place on my University campus.

Riddle me that.

When I first started reading it I thought, Huh. Way to make shit up, Claire. But then it came back to me and I actually remember having the dream.

In other news: I was driving home the other day and a car in the lane next to me had what looked like bright pink strands of something hanging out of the trunk. Like two distinct clumps of hundreds of strands.

My first thought: They kidnapped a muppet and stuffed it in the trunk! Crazy!

My second thought: They kidnapped a cheerleader and stuffed her in the trunk! Crazy!