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I am perhaps the least Sporty Spice girl ever. Don’t really watch sports, never participated in sports (which I believe has cost the world many unintentionally hi-larious moments), not all that interested in sports.

Which is why I am constantly amused at the high ratio of interest to ownership of sports paraphernalia that is always in my closet.

It makes sense though. I had cousins growing up that were all-state everything, so I got a couple of shirts that way. I had a father who used to build sports arenas for number of years, so I would get a bunch shirts from the various teams he was working with. And today I got a large package from a guy I did an ad for (he used to have a shop down the block from us) with a bunch of sporty stuff.

And it’s really quite nice stuff, too. I think maybe I’ll show up for Christmas in my new Vikings team jersey. This is the family that has had season tickets to the Vikings since forever, so they might appreciate it.

Random instant thought: I’m watching Lockdown on MSNBC. And the montage of various shots through the prison shows a prisoner i the yard rubbing the belly of a rather contented looking cat. A pretty, well-fed looking cat. I can only think of Prison Break and hope the best for the cat.