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So in an attempt to actually follow through with a theme, on my way home today I swore at some passing dick of a motorist and called him an ass knuckle.

And after my initial thought (“where the hell did that come from?”) I realized it was another random pairing of words that could be used as a decent insult.

“Aha!” thought I, “I’ve come up with yet another random pairing of words I can use as an insult! I must document this!”

Turns out it already exists. Although, to my credit, I certainly don’t think I’ve ever actually heard it used before. And it’s not exactly something you call someone. It’s more a … well, just don’t worry about that part. So I think it’s a good addition to my list of flingworthy insults.

I’ll have to come up with a few more.

In other news, I was working on a redesign of a menu for a restaurant that has a railroadesque nature to it. So I was looking for stock art of railroad things. when I found this photo.

And all I could think was, “Sweetie, working down by the tracks is just a sure way to get a young prostitute like yourself killed.”

Seriously though. Work on the makeup.