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So a few thoughts as we journey into this pit of hellish torture more commonly referred to as the week ahead (it’s gonna be a bad one, folks):

• A few weeks ago I saw this completely awesome Lucky Strike cigarette case at a shop by my mom’s house. A little worse for wear but awesome nonetheless. So last Thursday I went back and tried to nonchalantly browse as I was searching high and low for it. I feared the worst, the someone had purchased it in the interim, but no. It was waiting for me. So now not only do I have a new clutch (purse, that is) but I might be helping the store’s owners with their website. Win-win.

• I bought a few pairs of jeans today. I always feel like a complete relic when I go in there, but I tend to have the best luck at the Gap. So what if everyone in there is 20 years younger than me? Right? Right guys? Guys?

Feeling old.

Anyway, they’re apparently trying to revive their RED campaign again. The woman who rang me up put a pin in my bag and told me about it in hushed tones, like it was some honor that I was being given one for free. I didn’t even look at it until a minute ago, but gosh if it didn’t remind me of those friendship pins I made when I was the same age as all the people shopping there. Do kids make those anymore or is that so 1985?

If I recall correctly the first efforts of the RED campaign fell a wee bit into the “oopsie” category when they ended up having to pay more for the high-profile endorsers and advertising campaigns than they actually made on said campaign. Oopsie.

For some reason I’ve been imagining Bono in some cramped storeroom surrounded by mounds of red safety pins and teensy beads, with some guard posted outside who is refusing to let him eat supper until he’s supplied pins for every Gap store in the Upper Midwest.