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Last night I watched Frontline’s two-hour documentary on the war in Afghanistan. It was really interesting.

I was struck by the teams that were on the ground over there, riding with the Northern Alliance on horseback. The soldiers said that the initial bombings left the Alliance skeptical as to whether the US could make any difference.

That changed when one special ops guy and a faction head climbed onto a communications tower and started pointing out actual homes of where Taliban officials lived. The Special Ops guy called up and asked if there were any planes nearby. He targeted the homes with lasers and, within a short period, surgical strikes were made that took out those exact targets.

The Afghani soldiers were pretty impressed. Frankly, I think people forget that the reason we can hit targets so precisely is that there are soldiers on the ground marking the targets. That’s hardcore.

I was impressed by the level of cooperation all the different factions displayed. They must have been so tired of bloodshed and strife that there was really no other option for them.

Relatively dull day. Another car crash outside the window.