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All right, I posted way too much yesterday. To atone for my sins I will only post the most fascinatingly brilliant and urbane rants. I swear.

Who am I kidding?

So Napster was either hacked or has faced up to reality. Their site has been updated. It’s a shame that Napster failed. I had hoped it would be the wake up call the recording industry needed to realize that the current musical climate is shite, but they just looked at how it was affecting their bottom line.

Jeff Tweedy’s got a new side project. From the Drag City site:


Hey gang! Here’s a new name to roll around on your tongue: Loose Fur. Got it? Start using it in a sentence or two, would you? Because Loose Fur is that heart-stopping aggregate of Glenn Kotche, Jim O’Rourke and Jeff Tweedy…. They made history when they all worked on Wilco’s last masterwork, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Yeah for awhile they were getting busy with all the history and masterworks and so forth. But what did they do when they went home at night? Make history, what else!…. [T]hey’d run down to the studio, arriving no earlier than the stroke of midnight…. They’d plot and plan and rock and jam until the break of day, stopping only then to go their separate ways. Then, a couple of months later, it would begin all over again. Nobody knew what to call it, but finally they had enough things recorded to be called a record.

Flash forward to the present…. The band is called Loose Fur. And their album should be in stores no earlier than January 2003.