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So when I was a little girl (a lonely, only child girl) I had a handful of older cousins on my dad’s side. And I was so envious of them because they were so cool that they knew the lyrics to every song. And I really wanted to be as cool as they were. So at the tender age of nine I painstaking cultivated the habit of memorizing lyrics to songs really easily. And I was really proud of that for years.

What’s the point of this short trip down memory lane? There really isn’t one. Just that I noticed today I still seem to memorize lyrics without realizing it.

Also that, in hindsight, my cousins were really into Chicago and Genesis.

Moving on…

I got an invite to a bridal shower in the mail the other day and it said it was for the “Bride Elect”. I actually had to look up whether or not that was some sort of joke or if it was indeed a… thing.

It’s a thing.

But what a weird thing. I have this image of the groom-to-be getting a large group of friends and family together and passing out ballots. And was there campaigning beforehand? Any write-in votes?

Either way, it seems like a rather dated phrase, if not a tad perfunctory. I’m not one for new age, politically-correct language at all costs or anything, but I would like it to at least appear that I had some sort of say in the matter of my becoming engaged.

But perhaps that’s why I’m not getting married anytime soon.