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I’ve been cleaning up files on my laptop for the past few days. And am reminded that, at a certain point, I was low on drive space and just switching between applications was painful. Not only that, but I would lose files because of it. Reminded, I say, because I occasionally run into files like, “SaveYouMotherfucker.PSD” or “WhereTheHellIsThisFile.EPS” or my favorite, “IJustLost3FuckingHrs.QXD”

I’m currently painting my nails. My mom (who doesn’t often wear nail polish) bought these little sampler bottles of OPI. And the color barely shows up, it seems. I tried one and it’s a shade of white between clear and wite-out. In other words, a little creepy. Which is not me at all. If I’m doing anything, I’m all in, bitch. I need army green or something.

Speaking of all in, I think I’m going to cut all my hair off tomorrow. It’s getting too long again. And grey. I didn’t expect grey at my age.

Speaking of my age, I had an uncle try to give me a hard time about turning 30 in a few months. It didn’t really take. For some reason I’m not terribly bothered by it. Maybe because I don’t really look 30. I look more like mid-20s.

Of course, we’ll see how I feel about all this when I actually turn 30. I’ll be curled up underneath my desk rocking back and forth and whimpering.