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I don’t know what it is about restaurateurs in this town, but you really shouldn’t screw them over. Case in point: Tom Pham, owner of Azia and Temple (oh such tasty food), who found that a couple who had skipped out on him at one of his restaurants was dining a few hours later in the other. He ended up confronting them and when one tried to run, he caught him and used his skills as a judo teacher to keep him down.

This comes about a year after a local pizza delivery guy chased down a would-be purse snatcher. The most appropriate part being that it was Galactic Pizza, whose delivery people wear superhero costumes whilst on the job.

In other news:

My mom came home today and was all cryptic. “Did you hear the thud?” She wouldn’t elaborate. So I was guessing, “You hit something with your car.” “I hit something with my car.” “For gods sake, what?!”

Turns out a few doors down an enormous cottonwood tree had fallen over, completely covering the owner’s front yard and the entire street. Huge!

Didn’t hear a thing.