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Look. If people would just stop paying attention to rich, out-of-control idiots they’ll go away. Everyone claims not to care—or even hate—these people, and yet they go on and on about them. No wonder they’re in the media every five minutes.

Just. Don’t. Care. Really. Ignore them.

Whatever. On to more important things:

I went and got my license plates on this weekend. I couldn’t do it myself if I wanted to, so I went to an auto shop that my mom highly recommended. Turns out the bolts on the rear plate were stripped so it took longer than anticipated.

And they didn’t charge me anything for it. The guy said it was just a license plate and no big deal. Which I thought was completely awesome. I figured my mom would too. Something along the lines of, “I told you they were great to go to.”

Nope. Apparently last time she went they charged her $20 to get them done.