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Sounds like Tammy Faye is not long for this world. Poor dear. She seems like a lovely person.

And yes, I base that on Surreal Life. I base many decisions on television viewing.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Just to remind you, dear reader, one of the reasons I took so long to get medical attention during my latest brush with death is because doctors freak me the hell out.

Anyway, every fiber in my body is urging me not to go. I’m also a little paranoid that I’ll wind up back in the hospital. I feel okay, but I think I still look a little rough around the edges. And I still get people wondering how in the world I lost so much weight so quickly.

For awhile I would go into some detail and explain that I had been ill.

I quickly got bored with that and changed my answer to “yeah… tapeworm.”

Now I just kind of brush it off.